Sakarya High Speed ​​Train Underpass gives Villagers Hard Times

high-speed train sub-train in Sakarya gives difficult moments to villagers
high-speed train sub-train in Sakarya gives difficult moments to villagers

Sakarya High Speed ​​Train Underpass Creates Difficult Moments for Villagers: The underpass built within the scope of the High-speed Train line work in Pamukova district of Sakarya was filled with water.

The underpass constructed within the scope of the High Speed ​​Train line work in Pamukova District of Sakarya was filled with water. Residents of nearby villages began to look for various ways to go to their gardens and fields.

People living in the Oruclu Village of Pamukova District said that they had difficulty in reaching agricultural lands due to the High Speed ​​Train Project that has been going on for 1.5 years. The villagers, who faced with the underpass filled with water in order to move to the agricultural lands, told that the two tractors trying to pass through the water in the underpass were malfunctioning and spent about 8 thousand TL for repair.

Ali Çanak, the Head of Oruçlu Village, stated that the passage, which provides the connection of the village to the agricultural lands, has been filled with water in summer and winter since more than 1 year, and said, “There is a water accumulation about 1.5-2 meters deep in the underpass. Although we discharge the water accumulated in the underpass with water engines, it is filled with water again within 15 days. We find it difficult to go to our summer and winter agricultural lands. I submitted a petition to the Ministry 1 year ago. Unfortunately, our problem was not solved. We were surprised by whom and where to apply, and we look forward to resolving the helpless problem. ”

Approximately 500 acres of agricultural land to pass to the 2 meter depth had to overcome the underpass of villagers who were victims of the Fast Train Proejsi work, the contractor companies who claimed that they never thought of themselves.

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