SAIL Bhilai to produce new track profile

SAIL Bhilai to produce new track profile
The Indian steelmaker Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) has announced that it has set up a new rail section production equipment with an investment of approximately 455,4 million INR (8,5 million $) in the rail and structural steel unit of the Bhilai steel plant.
With the new equipment, the production of the ZU-1- 60 rail profile will be started, which will be used for the production of railway shears on the Indian Railways. SAIL stated that an important step was taken in the import substitution with the production of the new type rail profile.
Bhilai steel plant, which is the only rail supplier of Indian Railways, including long rails with lengths between 130 and 260 meters, started commercial production of the new rail profile. The need for the mentioned rail profile is met by import under the current conditions.

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