Beijing Subway Performed Interesting Images

Beijing Subway Performed with Interesting Images: Some fists fisted, some entered the subway while trying to get off the subway.

In Beijing, the capital of China, images of those who fist in the subway fell on the country's agenda.
Attention was drawn to the fights that took place in three different subway lines in Beijing and the tensions experienced during landing and boarding. The news emphasized that the rules of etiquette should be followed in public transport.


The first of the images featured quarrels of two middle-aged women on Beijing's metro line 5. It was stated that the woman, who was annoyed to touch a child in the subway in a subway, first entered the mouth spurt with the other female passenger, and after the tense environment, the fists spoke between the two women.


In the second of the images, two men's fist fights took place in the metro line 4. While there was no detailed information about the cause of the fight, it was observed that the man who kicked a passenger kicked his head at the first stop. After the beatings and other passengers in the nose and blood in the blood of the incident experienced the shock of the other passengers were tried to be appeased.


In the third, the metro line 8, the passengers were experiencing the difficulties of the ups and downs due to the overcrowding. In the morning, when the metro was busiest, it was seen that the passenger who was trying to get off the train could not land because of the pressure of the other passengers on the door and he was squeezed between the crowd and entered the metro again. Stations in the yellow vest officials, pushing the outside of the doors to close the force is pushing into the subway.

This image shows how difficult the journey by metro is, both in the city and during business hours.

The article emphasized the slogan of "Let's get off first, get on first," which is used in public transportation in China, and was recommended to avoid such actions.

Source: HaberTürk

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