Peker said the wrong calculations on TÜDEMSAŞ

Peker said the wrong calculations on TÜDEMSAŞ
Ude I Hak-Sen, Deputy Chairman Abdullah Peker, Sivas TÜDEMSAŞ is one of Turkey's most important institutions, noting wanted no institution or person to do the wrong accounts on these institutions.
Peker defending that TÜDEMSAŞ has harmed, destroyed and made some attempts, said, “TÜDEMSAŞ is the legacy of Sivas people, do not make any calculations on anyone.”
Peker made the following statements in his written statement on the subject:
"Since its inception, a number of individuals or organizations on TÜDEMSAŞ providing a major contribution to Turkey's economy is doing wrong accounts. In 1934, we set up a very important share from the budget of the time, and we are following Sivaslı with anti-propaganda to undermine and discredit TÜDEMSAŞ.
I call out the mentalities that see this establishment, which is the lifeblood of Sivas, as a place of rent; TÜDEMSAŞ is the legacy of Sivas people, so no one should make an account.
Peker stated that someone saw TÜDEMSAŞ unsuccessful and was in the thought of closing, and criticized those who had this idea with harsh words and said 'let the institutions pull the rope'.
Peker used the following statements:
“We, as Unionists and Sivas people, speak to those who see TÜDEMSAŞ as a rent gate and see TÜDEMSAŞ as unsuccessful. Did you set up this factory that you would close or customize? Are you going to do it like Demir Çelik, Çimento, Türk Telekom? Or are you going to do it like State Material Office, Turkish Grain Board, Kangal Thermal? Let the institutions pull the rope. Open new businesses, do employment.
Noting that Sivas is the capital of privatizations in its statement, Peker said that they were against this project from the very beginning by reacting to the 'Railway Transport Law', which he described as 'privatization project'.
Peker ended his words with these words:
“Whichever institution is privatized, it starts immediately from Sivas. Whichever institution will be closed starts from Sivas. Is this the fate of Sivas?
The Railway Transportation Law, which was taken up a while ago, is a privatization project. We are against this project from the beginning. It should be the state that manages, produces, creates and operates railway policy. This is our indispensable mission.
TÜDEMSAŞ, Sivas and everyone who is the property of unfinished orphans will not feed anyone.
TÜDEMSAŞ is one of the important institutions of our country, which produces highly technological wagons, with 300 employees and 955 workers, with a net profit of 2012, 4,58 million TL. We will not feed TÜDEMSAŞ to any person and institution, no one should consider it a place of rent.

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