Eligible for re-tender for Adapazarı Karasu railway line

Eligible for re-tender for Adapazarı Karasu railway line
The 2013 is over half the budget of the 320 million pounds allocated for the Adapazarı Karasu railway line to be completed in XNUMX. It is stated that a new tender will be made for the completion of the railway.
The construction work of the Adapazarı-Karasu railway, which is considered to be the "Dream Project" of the northern region, stopped in Söğütlü. It was stated that the construction work of the railway, which progressed rapidly and was planned to be completed in October, was interrupted by the liquefaction of the ground. According to the project, stone filling should be used in the floor covering, but it was decided to fill the floor with pressurized concrete filling, which is very costly, with a report from 5 universities, due to the excessive liquidity.
The contractor company doing the job was able to build the railway up to Söğütlü with an allowance of 320 million Turkish lira for the project. Following the activities closely, AKP Sakarya Deputy Hasan Ali Çelik gave information about the state of the railway. Çelik, confirming that the work has stopped, noted that a new tender will be held for 2013 to complete the railway project.
Stating that the cost increased at least 2 times with concrete filling due to the fact that the ground did not remove the stone fill, Çelik said, “Unfortunately, in the construction of the 70-kilometer railway, the ground has been liquefied more than expected. 5 universities, including Boğaziçi, Yıldız Teknik, İTÜ, ODTÜ and SAÜ, prepared a report in order to make pressurized concrete filling on the ground instead of stone filling. With the resource transferred to this very costly application, the railway work up to Söğütlü was completed. There is currently no allowance for the rest. " said.
Expressing that a new tender will be held after the investigations are made, Deputy Çelik said, “Maybe it will change in the company building the railway now, it is not clear. A new allowance will be made and work will start again. Unfortunately, the ground condition prolonged the completion of the project. I guess that the project will be completed towards the end of 2014. " he spoke. The railway line will extend from Karasu Port to the Organized Industrial Zone to be built in Karasu and from there to Bartın through Kocaali and Akçakoca.

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