No obstacles if there is railway (Special News)

No obstacles if there is railway
For the disabled people, the implementation of high-speed train projects, which will provide great convenience for the disabled, is expected to be fully appreciated by the disabled. The TTD has equipped the wagons to meet the needs of disabled citizens in the existing high speed train lines.
Since it is almost impossible to get on the intercity passenger buses for the disabled in wheelchairs, traveling from one city to another city has serious problems for years, people with disabilities whose freedom of travel is restricted, the arrival of high-speed trains to our country, and the implementation of new projects and lines from Edirne to Kars They will be able to travel comfortably to
The economy class of high-speed trains is designed according to the handicapped. 2 As of November 05, disabled ticket tariffs are selected and disabled services are provided in Ankara, Eskişehir and Konya stations.
In order to benefit from this application, you can use the link "Click to benefit from the disabled assistance service at the Departure-Arrival station" on the internet ticket sales screen after the sales process is completed, or continue by filling the "Disabled Passenger Information Form" under the other transactions menu on the ticket sales reservation screen. Just press the button.
For sales made from TCDD Toll Booths 444 82 33 TCDD Call Center and TCDD Ticket Sales Agents, it is sufficient to indicate that they want to receive disabled service and the "Disabled Passenger Information Form" will be filled in by the officer.
When the disabled form is filled in and the attendance button is pressed, the e-mail containing the relevant information is sent to you automatically by the system together with Ankara, Eskişehir and Konya stations.
Disabled lift
Landing / boarding ramp for the train
Accompaniment (Accompanying to the vehicle at the landing / boarding and in the station)
Passengers who wish to take advantage of the disabled support service should apply to the GAR-CONSULTATION at least 30 minutes before departure.

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