Nazillide Superstructure Continues

Nazilli Municipality road construction and superstructure work continues. Nazilli Yıldıztepe District Kurudere Street, traffic and walking path construction work in spite of the cold weather conditions are continuing.
Nazilli Municipality, which paves the way for new road opening and maintenance, repair and renovations of existing roads, attaches importance to the construction of modern new roads, especially where visuality and usefulness come to the forefront. Kurudere Street, which is located among the longest roads after the Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard and Mehmet Yüzügüler Boulevard, continues its construction works starting in front of the municipal mass housing buildings. The landscaping works of this road, which is parallel to the existing DSI drying channel, will also be carried out between the Atatürk High School, 90 Street and Ocaklı Village Water Depot. 2 thousand 500 meter-wide road route 8 meter-wide traffic road, 2.50 meter-wide walking path, and green bands and seating groups on the edge of the green field arrangement will be organized by the Directorate of Garden Affairs Directorate of Nazilli Municipality.
Nazilli Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs, which is the infrastructure of the road rain water network and sewer network was laid. The paving stone flooring of the 8 meter-wide road, which is made of edge curb laying work continues. Haluk Alıcık, Nazilli Mayor who frequently examined the works on site; Yok As Nazilli Municipality, we don't have the luxury to say winter, let it be summer and weather conditions. Nazilli to be done without waiting for a moment before the service, regardless of conditions to be made available to the service of the people should be made work iril. The President also stated that this road, which has been undergoing construction works, has an important place in Nazilli's change of face. Bahçe Tile semolina will be used in the 2.50-meter walking path to be built by the Directorate of Garden Affairs of Nazilli Municipality. Greening works will be done on the two sides of the road with the sitting groups and citizens will be created rest areas, ları he said.

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