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Domestic rail transport: our extensive transportation network, respecting the environment, developing in FREIGHT TRANSPORT, turkey 4 seasons, 365 days a year ... We are moving into the 21st century
As TCDD; From raw material to spare parts to cars, from food to white goods, with our wide wagon park, we carry out our 157 days in four seasons since 365 year with the principle of customer satisfaction.
Continuously renewing itself in the transportation sector, continues its search and keeps pace with the developing technology. while providing railway transportation to the logistics sector, on the other hand, it carries out the necessary legal arrangements for restructuring the EU railways.
Block Train Transportation (Click for transport routes)
In order to make transportation faster and more efficient by using our current carrying capacity, 2004 has started the Block Train Operation in the freight transportation from the beginning of the year.
With the transition to Block Train Management, the amount of freight transported has been increased, resources have been used more effectively, transportation times have been shortened and customer satisfaction has increased.
At the same time as the transition to the block train operation in our country, our international freight forwarding has also begun to train train operation.
In the case of block train transportation, for the transportation demands of cargoes with the same destination and destination;
It is required to apply to the workplace to which the installation will be carried out or to the Regional Directorate to which the Workplace is connected, or to the Load Department.
The principles of freight transportation:
For all shipments, the transport document is issued on behalf of a sender and a recipient. The TCDD shall not be liable for any delays in the delivery due to inaccuracies or inaccuracies of the names and addresses to be written to the transport document.
The shipper shall be obliged to accurately report the type and weight of the goods to be transported.
During transport, the goods must be in sufficient packaging to avoid breakage, deterioration or loss of value.
In order to protect some of the goods (eg, vehicle, etc.) given to the carriage, a person (as a companion) to be assigned by the consignor or sender alongside the article may be on the same train.
The shipper has the right to change the registered consignee on the transport document after the transport document has been issued or when the goods are on the way, or after the goods arrive at the destination.
The goods accepted to be transported are insured by TCDD by taking the asset bonus.
Unacceptable Items
Prohibited articles of the Government,
Not suitable for transport because of its dimensions, weights or packages, and not suitable for vehicles and facilities.
Goods that are dangerous for the life of the railway vehicles and facilities,
Live animals and fast-to-be-worn items to the stations in the line sections where the freight train is not operated,
It is not accepted by TCDD.
Transport Fee (Click here for the transportation fee)
In the calculation of the transportation fee of the goods
The distance (distance) between the departure and arrival stations is taken into account.
Fees can be paid in advance by the sender at the departure station or at the arrival station if requested. (except for goods transported by goods of a value not covered by the carriage fee)
The transportation fee can be paid in advance, in advance, by credit or by credit card.
Private Train Transportation
If a special train is requested for cargo transportation, it is required to make a request at least (3) days in advance and deposit 50% of the transportation fee to be calculated as a deposit.
The transport charge is accrued on 650 by the class of goods (50) with a real weight of not less than the net weight. Charges for transportation of dangerous goods are% 100.
All of the wagons in the special train organization should be loaded in 24 hours and should be evacuated on arrival at 24 hour. Otherwise, the waiting fee will be charged.
Wagons that can not be emptied or unloaded in time
The wagons given to the customer's order must be loaded and unloaded within the granted exemption period. In case of exceeding the exemption period, the salary (waiting) fee shall be charged for exceeding period.
For more detailed information on the above-mentioned services;
TCDD General Directorate Load Department of Domestic Tariff Branch
(0.312) 309 05 15 / 4373-4425.
Overdraft and Advance Goods Transports
Considering the economic and cyclical situations in our Domestic Goods Transports by taking into consideration the economic and cyclical situations, it is possible for customers to make payments via credit contract by obtaining guarantees from the customers in order to provide mass transportation to the railway and ease of payment to customers.
Customer demands are evaluated according to the following conditions:
Customers are referred to the Department of Cargo in written form by means of the type of exit and arrival station, type of goods, monthly transportation tonnage and duration and the type of wagon demanded. If it is considered possible to carry out the transportation as a result of the evaluation, the customers' demand for credit shall be accepted.
The following documents are requested from the customers whose domestic loan requests are accepted.
A sufficient amount of definite, indefinite, in-limit bank guarantee letter,
The original register of trade records (published in the Trade Journal)
Notarized signature circular.
In addition, customers with international credit transportation requests are monitored.
The international and domestic advance payment requests of the customers are accepted as much as the amount of the transportation they will make with our organization, if they pay the money to our work place or to our central bank. In these carriage, the carriage and other charges for the transportation of Domestic Goods are deducted from the advance. Transport amounts are monitored on a monthly basis.
For more detailed information on the above-mentioned credit and advance transfers,
TCDD General Directorate Load Department Head of Credit and Advance Transport Branch
You can call (0.312) 309 05 15/4143 - 4053.
Disappearance, Loss, Damage, etc. Transactions in cases
Domestic Goods Transportation carried out with our organization, loss of goods, loss, damage, etc. for compensation of damages caused by transport irregularities; Persons and organizations that own the goods must apply to the General Directorate of the General Directorate of the Turkish Ministry of Cargo, Department of Domestic Goods Transactions and Contracting Branch with the petition documenting the original copy (3) copy of the relevant transport document (XNUMX.
Loss, loss, damage etc. In cases where compensation claims are examined by our Regional Directorates, it is possible for the owners to apply to the Regional Directorates and workplaces where the transportation is carried out with the necessary documents.
When the Domestic Goods Shipments or additional services are provided, the extra fees (transportation fee, maneuvering fee, somage or line occupation fee, etc.) refunded for various reasons are made only by the TCDD General Directorate Cargo Department Domestic Goods Operations and Intervention Branch. For this transaction, the person claiming “overcharged” must apply to the TCDD General Directorate Bureau of Domestic Affairs and Intervention Branch by adding the relevant transport document or other documents indicating the money collection to an explanatory petition.
For information on the above issues;
TCDD: (0.312) You can call 309 05 15 / 4063.

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