Metrobüste Seat battle

Metrobüste Seat battle
Sitting on the metrobus and traveling is everybody's dream. A passenger named Sezen turned this dream into reality in the 4th attempt ...
The metrobus stops, the passengers at the station attack the vehicle as if to say "the survivor dies. Not everyone is allowed to sit down. Sezen Tekin, who made great efforts to make the dream of sitting in the metrobus come true, explained what he went through: “Since my workplace is in Balmumcu, I get on the metrobus in the morning and evening. That is, the busiest hours of the metrobus.
The number of days I travel while sitting on the metrobus does not exceed one hand. That's why I had the ambition to sit in the vehicle and travel. More precisely, it was an obsession for me. What would it be like if I sat down when I got on the metrobus from Zincirlikuyu and went to Incirli, where I get off? I went to Zincirlikuyu Metrobus Station with these thoughts the day before. Of course, as soon as I got to the stop, I was immediately depressed. Because it was after work, the station was still packed. You know, they say, "If you throw a needle, it won't fall to the ground." Exactly. But this time I persisted, I was going to travel sitting on the metrobus. I passed the turnstiles with these thoughts and mingled with the crowd.
I almost went to the front of the crowd and I started to wait. After a minute or two, an empty metrobus arrived. As soon as the doors opened, I made a move to get in. But in vain. Stronger men than me got on the metrobus, preventing me from riding. So I got in, but there was no room inside. I got down. I was stubborn and I had to find a seat. After that, the same thing happened in the 3 metrobus. And because I couldn't sit down, I had to get out of the car again. 4. I was successful in my experiment. 4. from the front door, I met the metrobus and sat in the first seat in front of me. I put on my headset and I had a comfortable ride to the stop.

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