Metrobüste love fight

Metrobüste love fight
There are also events that make the metrobuses that bear the burden of Megakent say "The world is small". Traveling with his new love, the peace of the young man escaped when he saw his ex.
From Kocamustafapaşa by midibus, which is the service vehicle of Fatih Municipality CevizliI came to Bağ. It was around 08:30 in the morning. I got on the first metrobus that came to my luck through the middle door. I held onto the iron to the left of the glass right in front of me. The vehicle was not very crowded, at least not overcrowded. So I can read the newspaper I have.
On the way to the Metrobus Okmeydanı stop, the man, facing the driver's side and a lady next to him, suddenly turned to the tall girl next to the corridor, "What are you talking about me!" he started screaming. Metrobus passengers turned to where the noise came from, at an unwitting moment. All-glancing debate continued, however. The young girl who spoke a word to her immediately responded. “What the hell am I going to talk about you. Don't be rude! .. ”The young man, sitting right on the chair, replied. "Don't be dishonest". The young girl brought up the word as soon as the young man's word was over. “You are dishonest. Rude!"
Upon this statement of the young girl, she waved her fist at the girl who was next to her female friend and pretended to say, "You will see." Upon this move of the young girl man, “I sohbet I am. "Why should I talk about you?" After these words of the young girl, there was a silence in the metrobus. The two lovers landed in Mecidiyeköy, holding hands. The girl and her friend sat on another pair of seats and started talking quietly: “Look, see, he lied to me, dishonest. He found another lover. How did God confront us?

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