Metrobus passengers rebelled

Metrobus passengers rebelled
When a bus that runs on the Metrobus line explodes, several meters of vehicles were created at Altunizade station.
The expected snowfall in Istanbul began this morning. Particularly at high elevations, snow thickness was found to be 20 centimeter. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, taking the pre-snowfall measures, put additional flights to public transport. Especially, the number of expeditions to the metrobust is expected to be increased. Despite all the measures taken, some unfortunate accidents and even caused problems. One of the front tires of a bus approaching the Altunizade station exploded on 08.30. When the tire exploded, the vehicle was kept on the road for a while. Even though there was not a long wait, there were many queues in the direction of Zincirlikuyu. It was observed that some passengers walked down the metrobus. He wanted to go to Burhaniye with a puncture tire when the bus could not be pulled but failed. The bus passing the Altunizade station stopped for a while and then stopped on the Metrobus road.
Authorities, the traffic on the line to be concentrated in a controlled way to pass vehicles.

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