Metrobus In Cars Out

Metrobus In Cars Out
In Istanbul, snowfall which increased its severity in the evening affected the traffic negatively. The drivers, who set out to go with their cars in their homes, were stranded on highways. Metrobuses carrying uninterrupted passengers, the remaining drivers, the authorities accused of not taking measures.
Using the Bosphorus Bridge to drive to the Anatolian side of the hundreds of drivers set off with cars, the effect of increasing snowfall O-1 Highway Zincirlikuyu remained on the road for hours. Some of the drivers who accused the authorities of not taking measures, bazı Merter'den 3 hour we came to Mecidiyeköy. No such traffic was seen, Böyle he said. Another driver who said he missed his flight was: N By plane from Sabiha Gökçen Airport, I was going to Adana at Hour 20.30. I'm on my way to 3 hours. I missed the plane. Car rental. Hopefully the flights have been canceled İn. Metrobus flights carried non-stop passengers.

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