Metro Tünel Hes Mining and Mining Engineers in Highway and YHT Projects

📩 25/11/2018 17:01

Metro Tünel Hes Mining and Mining Engineers in Highway and YHT Projects
In recent years, occupational accidents due to methane are increasing and there are many fatal accidents. As a result of these accidents, the society is experiencing great suffering.
Methane gas explosions; It occurs not only in coal mines but also in underground structures such as subways and tunnels. The examples of this have started to increase and there have been incidents that resulted in loss of life and loss of working days.
In our country, many HEPP projects, Highway and YHT (High Speed ​​Train) project is in progress. In these projects, there are many kilometers of tunnel construction. The occupational accidents caused by possible methane gas and other harmful gases in these underground structures may have serious negative consequences. The executives of the relevant institutions are responsible for the consequences of these accidents.
For these reasons, the academic education (gas, dust, work safety, fortification, transportation, blasting, water discharge, etc.) and the experience of the mining engineers in these areas will prevent possible accidents. We provide the necessary information about the employment of the mining engineer in the control units of the ministries as key personnel and wish them success in your works.
Mehmet TORUN
Chairman of the Board

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