Iraqi Minister Indigenous Tram Admired Silkworm

Iraqi Minister Indigenous Tram Admired Silkworm
Northern Iraq Regional Administration from Bursa Industry and Trade Minister Sinan Chalabi and his accompanying delegation, Turkey's first indigenous tram 'admired the silk. Bursa OSB Chairman Ali Ugur and board members were welcomed by the delegation, Bursa OSB received information about. that they want to create an organized industrial zone in the country in Northern Iraq Regional Administration for Industry and Trade Minister Sinan Chalabi, "The aim of Bursa visit, Turkey's first and examine Bursa OSB in place one of the most important organized industrial zones and to move this model to our country. We want to do whatever it takes to increase the economic prosperity of our country. Creating an organized industry is a must for this effort. Mak
Bursa OSB Chairman Ali Uğur said that they would be happy to share all information about OSB and said, ar Our region has a huge treatment facility which uses 50 thousand cubic meters of water every day in the industry and then gives the water to Nilüfer Creek. We also have an electricity generating plant for our industry. Our region is able to produce its own energy at a stage. I hope you can contribute to the economy in your country but you can set up an organized industrial zone that is sensitive to the environment Um.
Iraqi delegation, then Durmazlar They visited the Holding and examined the tram production site. After a short time, the delegation admired the İp İpek Böceği tram (Tramway Bug) tram that will be on the Bursa roads and entered the tram and made observations. The delegation visited the facilities of BOSEN Energy and visited the energy producing facility for the industrial zone. Receiving information from the authorities, Sinan Celebi, the Minister of Industry and Trade of Northern Iraq Regional Administration, asked the authorities questions about the energy produced at the facility.

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