High-speed train to Konya - Antalya

Maritime Transport and Communications Deputy Minister Yahya head, Konya, Turkey's 2023 target in line - said the service will make high-speed train line between Antalya. Baş also said that as a result of the ministry's work on highways, fuel savings could reach levels to be amortized.
Deputy Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Yahya Baş attended the meeting of district heads of AK Party Antalya Provincial Organization. Baş, who said that he was in Antalya to examine the studies, said: incelemek We examined the work done. We listen to the demands of our organizations. This is what we do here. We visited different units until this time. I've been informed about the work there. We had some suggestions, we passed them. We will continue in different parts of the country. Ül
The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, which is a ministry in the country that expresses very large services, the head, 10, which is in power for the AK Party's most invested ministry reported. Deniz, air, land, railroads, as well as communication and communication within the ministry of the ministry is concerned for the wide area, noted that the Ministry of the head, said: ın Our country has gained much thanks to this diligent work. I hope this work will continue. The studies carried out on highways is a great benefit for the society. Do not reach quickly, reach controlled, not healthy safe transportation.
Thanks to the acceleration of transportation, the achievements in the country are very different. Fuel saving. As a result of the work done so far, we will come to the levels that will pay off the works with the savings made through the improvement of our roads. Yap
The air is no longer luxury, the way to become the people say that the head, 10-15 years ago known as a rich, certain path can be used as a way that the air can now be easily used by everyone, he said. Referring to the progress in the field of railways Baş, olduğ High-speed train was on our agenda. Turkey has met with high-speed trains, "he said. One of the important objectives of the 2023 year is the high speed train between Konya and Antalya, said Bas, continued his words: ve We will implement the fast train between Konya and Antalya. Many of our services have been carried out successfully by our Ministry. We make these trips to see the works on site. Çalış

Source: Konya TV



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