İzmir residents preferred Atakent Inciralt for İZKARAY Project

İzmir residents preferred Atakent Inciralt for İZKARAY Project
The vast majority of thousands of people from Izmir who participated in the survey on the website of Yeni Asır, the bridge and tube gate for the IZKARAY Project Karşıyaka Atakent intersection with the establishment of the site between Inciralti
The survey conducted by Yeni Asır Newspaper regarding the 5 different route alternatives for İzmir Gulf Crossing and Connections İZKARAY Project, which will be realized by the government in İzmir with an expenditure of 60 billion liras and that will allow the city to circulate in 3 minutes, has been concluded.
According to this, the north leg of the first route was Atakent Interchange, the southern leg of İnciraltı received great support from İzmir residents according to Çiğli Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone-İnciraltı and Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone-Narlıdere alternatives.
Thousands of Izmir residents who participated in the survey on the website of Yeni Asır were the bridge and tube passageways to be built for the passage. Karşıyaka It was established between Atakent Junction and İnciraltı. Speaking to Yeni Asır, most of the business representatives and municipal officials also stated that the route should be as it appeared in the survey of the New Century.
Project firm sent articles
Work is continuing for the project, which envisages the connection of two sides of the Izmir Bay from the sea and the seabed. Consulting the project of the government's 35 Izmir 35 Project, Yüksel Proje has requested a related opinion by sending a letter to 62 institutions and organizations including Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and EXPO Steering Committee.
In the article sent to the institutions, 3 different alternatives were emphasized for the project that will connect the north and the south of the city with a bridge and tube tunnel. Accordingly, the north leg of the first route is Atakent Junction and the south leg of Üçkuyular; the north leg of the second route is Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone, the south leg of İnciraltı; the third leg of the third leg will be Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone and the south leg will be Narlıdere. Yeni Asır to express the tendency of the people of Izmir, which it started about 15 days ago, on which of these 3 routes. http://www.yeniasir.com.tr The survey work at address has been concluded. Survey participants
the majority ofKarşıyaka Atakent Intersection- Inciralti is suitable
Chairman of ESIAD Bulent Akgerman
I think the Atakent Junction-İnciraltı route is appropriate. I want the New Century to follow the other 34 projects determined by the Government more closely. Our memory is a little weak. There are 3 selections ahead of us. Projects need to be kept on the agenda constantly. These projects can affect voter decisions.
EGİAD Chairman of the Board Seda Kaya
As the readers of Yeni Asır have accepted, I think the route between Atakent Intersection and İnciraltı is more appropriate. Areas with traffic density in two regions. The new route will be a solution to the traffic density problem here.
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Shipping Geza Dologh
Atakent Junction and the İnciraltı route for the entrance of the bay is the most logical I think. This route requires less budget in terms of being closest. Therefore, it will take a shorter time to complete the investment program.
İZKA Development Board Chairman Kemal Çolakoğlu
Inciralti side of the road to the Cesme Highway connection must be. KarşıyakaIn Istanbul, it should be connected to the ring road through Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone. I think the route should be this way. I believe that this project is also of great benefit in starting the construction as soon as possible and entering service in a short time.
BASİFED President Sıtkı Şükürer
Atakent Intersection is one of the busiest traffic areas. In such road projects, places where there is little density are selected. For this purpose, the road is built in the Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone or in a more remote area and connected to the center through the environment. In such projects, the environment should be well planned.
Çiğli Mayor Metin Solak:
The route will become clear after the study. It can be between Çiğli Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone and İnciraltı. This result will be obtained in the examination. The ground is very suitable in this region. This is the best place to look at on the map. Connection ways are very convenient. If we consider EXPO, this is the right place.
Narlidere President Abdul Batur:
This has a technique. Transportation with anamaster plan and the intensity of the transfer to the two sides should be moved with a specific technique. Not only with the request of the local people, but also the technical study of the area and the connection of the area to the intersection and other factors should be considered. The right decision must be made. The survey is not a very accurate method. The ground studies, the technique there should be in the foreground. I would like to have Çiğli Atatürk Organized Junction-Narlıdere. Thus, our district becomes more active. But the cake is important.
President of the Chamber of Environmental Engineers Helin Kinay:
It is difficult to give an opinion on where the project will go. Technical studies need to be revealed. Only then can an evaluation be made in place.
Highways 2. Regional Director Abdülkadir Vahapoğlu:
We are doing a survey on how the project should be. There is nothing yet clear about where the project will go and how. Our work continues.

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