İZBAN Overpass Revolt in İzmir Pancarda

İZBAN Times and İZBAN Timetables
İZBAN Times and İZBAN Timetables

In the scope of İZBAN's works, the railroad crossing areas were closed with iron railings, and the construction of overpasses was started at some points. The tradesmen in the region, where the upper passage will be built, are revolting.

The construction of the İZBAN line continues at a great pace. On the one hand, the overpasses that will be built in the district cause great controversy in the Torbalı and Pancar regions. In the past months, tradesmen about the overpasses, which were started to be constructed in the regions where the line will pass, revolted and announced that their work would be affected negatively. The overpass, which was started to be built in Pancar, infuriated the artisans in Pamukçu Osman Street. Orhan Çelebi, the owner of the Kartal Market, came to the point of closing his shop due to the overpasses installed for the motor vehicles and located just in front of the bread boat. Victim trades, the municipality wants to show itself a place.


In the project which was realized jointly by the Ministry of Transport and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, İZBAN line reached the district. With the introduction of the new year, construction of stations and overturned passages started. The first excavation within the scope of the project was shot in Pancar. With the construction of İZBAN line from Cumaovası to Torbalı, 2 meters of iron railings were placed along the line for environmental safety. 3 separate point overpass in the district center will be built. The footpath that starts in front of Kartal Market in Pamukçu Osman Caddesi ends in front of Erdinç Tekirli Street. With the beginning of the work, the artisans in the Pancar region also took the flag of rebellion. Street tradesman said the shops would be closed because of the overpasses and demanded the authorities to settle their grievances.


Citizens who rebelled against the overpasses passing in front of their SHOP, think that the overpass projects prepared without consulting them will negatively affect their business. On the other hand, the residents of the apartments living in the regions are also disturbed by the fact that the overpasses will pass under their houses. Expressing that he will lock down his 8-year-old shop because of the overpass, Çelebi said, “The overpass passes right in front of my shop. There are many businesses here. This project could be taken a little further to the regions where there are vacant lands. I have a loan debt and have to make many payments, this overpass will drive us into bankruptcy. No one came to consult us while we were doing it, and the opinion of the people of the region was not taken. We ask the municipality to show us a place and make a study to move our shops.” – SelcukHaber

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