Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Light Rail System (2. Stage) Project Completion of the construction works for the Sigma Construction - Borege Construction joint venture until 31 July 2013

Izmir Light Rail System 2 to be realized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. New developments have been recorded on the tender for Göztepe, Poligon and Fahrettin Altay Stations within the scope of Stage Project.
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; In May 2012, for the second stage covering Göztepe, Poligon and Fahrettin Altay stations, the 7 monthly additional period for the Borege - Sigma joint venture ended with the date of 31 December 2012. However, the company prepared a detailed file and applied for extension of the Municipality. At the request of the joint venture, 31 until July 2013 was given to complete the construction of the metro.
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