İZBAN received most passengers from Şirinyer

İZBAN received most passengers from Şirinyer
The busiest station of the Izmir Suburban System (IZBAN), which has become the most important public transportation choice of the people of Izmir, in 2012 was Şirinyer, which reached the dam of approximately 5 million passengers. İZBAN reached its target of "49 million passengers" by ending the last year with 662 million 8 thousand 50 people.
Since the establishment of İZBAN on 30 August 2010, it has always been the busiest station Karşıyaka2012 million 12 thousand 4 people used the Şirinyer Station, which left behind in 927, in a 831-month period. Karşıyaka Cigli came second with 4 million 342 thousand 937 and took the third place with 3 million 151 thousand 911 people. ESBAŞ was one of the stations that increased İZBAN's passengers the most. In 2012, 1 million 754 thousand 572 residents of İzmir used ESBAŞ, which rapidly increased the number of passengers in parallel with the increase in shopping centers around the station. Alsancak, which was temporarily closed on November 11 due to the work of Hilâl Transfer Station and Kahraman-Akıncılar highway crossings, reached 2 million 512 thousand 528 people and took its place among the most preferred stations.
İZBAN, which served 2011 million İzmir citizens in 35, increased its passengers by 2012% in 42, reaching the 50 million threshold and achieving its target. The month in which İZBAN carried the most passengers in 2012 was October with 4 million 599 thousand people. Continuing the tradition of being the top choice of summer houses in the direction of Foça and Gümüldür in June, July and August, it carried over 12 million residents of İzmir in this quarter.

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