İZBAN A.Ş travel rules

İZBAN A.Ş travel rules
İZBAN A.Ş compiles the travel rules under the headline 3. 1. 2 for travel in Izmir suburb. For a safe and safe journey. 3. For a comfortable, comfortable and contemporary transportation environment
1.1 Passengers can switch from turnstiles using Kentkart and 3-5 tickets, except for the cards listed in the current free travel card examples table.
1.2 Passenger cards are not allowed and pass passes are handed over to anyone other than the cards in the current free travel card samples table.
1.3 Discounted students who have the right to pass the card and the students who have the card to read the discounted Kentkart'larını validators. If these cards are used outside the owners, the cards are confiscated.
1.4 Officials and officials who have a valid free pass card must show their duty or free pass cards to travel free of charge. If there are no free or discounted access rights, those who attempt to use the force are warned and if they insist on their behavior, they will be sent to the security forces by the police.
1.5 Children between the ages of 0 and 6 are entitled to free pass, provided that they are accompanied by their parents; Children between the ages of 6 - 15 benefit from reduced (student) pass.
1.6 The current Fare Tariff for the Transitions is suspended in a way that passengers can see in every box office.
2.1 It cannot be entered and operated with guns or piercing / cutting tools other than the licensed weapon in the Stations and Paid area.
2.2 It is not allowed to enter large areas with explosive, flammable, flammable, flowable, breakable, pourable liquid or dust type materials and can not travel with these materials.
2.3 Station security officers can check suspicious persons and packages for the safety of other passengers. In cases of doubt, the passenger is not taken to the stations and the paid area, and in case of insistence, the security forces are informed.
2.4 Emergency pagers and fire alarm systems in stations cannot be used for purposes other than the purpose.
2.5 The emergency lever on the trains cannot be used with the door emergency exit arm and fire tubes outside the purpose.
2.6 It is dangerous and prohibited to violate the yellow safety strip on the platform edges at the stations.
2.7 It is dangerous and forbidden to go on the train line in the stations, crossing the street.
2.8 All kinds of announcements made by the authorities in emergency evacuations of stations and trains are compulsory in terms of life safety.
It is forbidden to enter the technical chambers and chambers defined in the 2.9 Stations by the "INF either."
2.10 Outside the wheelchair and baby carriages within the boundaries of the station and in the paid area; Bicycle, skateboard, skate etc. the use of vehicles, it is forbidden to leave.
2.11 Photo, camera, etc. in stations and trains. shooting is subject to special permission.
2.12 When you encounter fire, extortion, attack, harassment, or emergency health intervention, use the Emergency Center on stations, Emergency Stations in stations, or alert the nearest Station representative.
3.1 It is forbidden to spit and throw any pollutants on the stations and trains.
3.2 Disabled citizens, elderly, pregnant or infant women are included; Prior to getting off the train and taking the train. ,
3.3 Priorities are given to those who wish to be more comfortable.
3.4 Escalators are used in a way to allow passage from left to right.
3.5 It is forbidden to use cigarettes and similar tobacco in stations and trains. The necessary criminal procedure will be applied to our passengers who do not consider the warnings.
3.6 It is forbidden to consume foods and beverages (except water) in stations and trains.
3.7 It is not expected to stay in paid areas for long periods of time except for travel purposes.
3.8 You cannot behave in a way that would disturb other passengers in stations or trains; - Being drunk or in a situation unsuitable for traveling, - Behaving in a way that endangers human life, - Disturbing other passengers by sleeping or leaning on, - Making noise, talking loudly, whistling, listening to loud music, - Around with mobile phones in trains speaking in an uncomfortable way.
3.9 Elevators are primarily for use by elderly, disabled and child-strapped passengers.
3.10 Pets are not allowed in the paid area, except for pets that can be carried in the cage.
3.11 Advertisement, wall poster etc. publications cannot be removed, altered or destroyed by anyone.
3.12 No one, no wall posters, no flyers, except for the authorized persons, institutions and organizations, within the boundaries of the station and on trains, where permitted.
3.13 It is forbidden to perform mass demonstration, illegal demonstration, propaganda and speech in the boundaries of the station and on trains.
3.14 Marketing and promotional activities cannot be carried out in the boundaries of the station or on trains, for trading of luck or luck game, peddling and commercial purpose
3.15 It is forbidden to beg at station boundaries and on trains.
3.16 It is forbidden to act in the boundaries of the station and in violation of the general code of ethics and disturbing other passengers.
3.17 It is dangerous and forbidden to engage in movement to prevent the operation and closing of the train doors.
3.18 Passengers must comply with the warnings made by the Station Operator and Security Officers in order to regulate the flow of passengers within the boundaries of the station and in the paid area.
3.19 The vehicles, equipment, devices, seating units of İZBAN A.Ş. equipment is prohibited. In case of detection, the necessary criminal procedure shall be applied.

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  1. The rule of travel in rail system vehicles;; = give way to those who descend before; turn to the right as you enter the vehicle, prevent entry and exit, do not smell like sweat, give priority to the elderly, give respect to the disabled disabled, help children take the dog in the lap, ol, eating nuts, pollution, polluting the environment, stop on the right of the escalator, disabled people, loud, speaking, phone yelling, approaching the rails, riding the brake lever and the location of the emergency vehicle, learn the location of the backpack, ayaktaysan take the backpack. alert