Here is one of two cities Istanbul Metropoliten

Here is one of two cities Istanbul Metropoliten
The project, which will be built on the European side of Istanbul and will host a population of 1.5 million, will be astonishing. The metropolitan will include many giant projects from “Health” to science center, “Bio” to “Tema Park”.
The details of what will be done from the 'two new cities' previously announced by Prime Minister Erdoğan to the European side have been announced. It will turn Istanbul into a center of attraction in the world, and the “New City”, where mega investments in technology and health are envisaged, will make you laugh. With this project, Istanbul will be reconquered. Turkey, in Istanbul eagerly awaited 'New City' explains the details of the project. The project to be built on the European Side of Istanbul will include the third airport, 4 different city modern projects, the world-wide biomedical R&D center and Bio-Istanbul, which has the most important children's research hospital in Europe. The new city, where 1.5 million people will live in Başakşehir, Avcılar, Küçükçekmece Arnavutköy and Eyüp districts, will be the largest and most prestigious urban transformation project in the world. While the name of the new city has not been put yet, the name chosen for the project was “Istanbul Metropolitan”. The New City, which is planned to be centered between Kayabaşı and the North Marmara Motorway connection road and TEM Motorway, will become the new attraction center of the city with its prestige focus. The child is not sentenced to home: Squares and areas where children can easily play and walk will be established. In addition to the metro, the new city will be one of the favorite places in Europe with its overground rail transportation, reduced traffic or closed traffic areas. The project, which will host a population of 1.5 million, will become a prestige point and center with its strong transportation connections, metro line project, macro-scale projects such as Health City, Bio Istanbul, Temapark and Magnet City. Here are the details:
1- Kayabaşı Urban Design Project: It will be the heart of the 'New City' project. It will be 17 kilometers from Atatürk Airport, 24 kilometers from the Bosphorus Bridge, and adjacent to the Olympic Stadium and Başakşehir. Reinforcement areas that will be the central area of ​​the “Yenişehir Project Area” within the project, prestige residential areas, trade axes, etc. function fields will be found.
2- Magnet City (Magnet City): With the population of approximately 110 thousand in 20 hectares, it is one of the prestigious areas of the “New City Project”, has a tram and metro, reflects modern city life, preserves the human nature balance, maintains its sustainable, dynamic and constant vitality. It will be one of the most popular settlements.
3-Bio-Istanbul: Bio-Istanbul technologies and will be established as the research base, Turkey's first as well characterized by having an international sustainability certification as well as, for the first biomedical science park and will have the world's most important children's research hospital.
4-Kent Health: 'Health City' will be almost flagship in Turkey's health sector. With the Project, which is planned to contribute greatly to health tourism, Istanbul will become the center of attraction of the region, especially Europe. The project will include a specialized themed city project that will serve on a global scale with specialized medical units such as integrated health campus, education-research units, cancer research center, community health center, organ and tissue bank, accommodation, conference and cultural centers.
5-Tema Park: A commercial and residential project that will take the density of the business center in the center of Istanbul in the south of Kayabaşı, offer work spaces intertwined with nature, and add a special atmosphere to the New City with its culture and art centers.
6- Third Airport: A giant airport project with an annual 9 million passenger capacity, integrated with the third bridge and high-speed train on the 400 bin 150 hectare, within the borders of Arnavutköy and Eyüp districts.

The second city to be established in Istanbul is planned on the Anatolian side. In the project, which was previously announced as around Şile, Tuzla later gained weight and the studies were concentrated in this way.

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