Istanbula metrobus came from the journey deers followed each other

Istanbula metrobus came from the journey deers followed each other
Metrobus came to Istanbul. Travel deer followed each other. Citizens asked, "Is it hard to ride or to travel?" Some said "Let's get together guys"
Istanbul Beylikdüzü-Sogutlucesme every day between 600 thousand passengers carrying the metrobus, are experiencing interesting events. 5 years ago by the Metropolitan Municipality Avcılar- CevizliVineyard, then Avcılar-Zincirlikuyu and then the metrobus between Avcılar-Söğütlüçeşme became a solution to a great problem. Finally, 600 thousand passengers started to be transported daily with these vehicles operating between Beylikdüzü-Zincirlikuyu and Söğütlüçeşme. While more than 300 vehicles were in service, what happened during the journey sometimes made us laugh, and sometimes thought.
Connecting Asia and Europe
Vehicles traveling between Asia and Europe take passengers from 45 stops. The experiences of passengers at stops in 7 Asia and 38 in Europe are even novels if written. TAKVİM has set out to announce the experiences of this 50-kilometer road every day.
There are 50 stops on the 45-kilometer road between Beylikdüzü-Söğütlüçeşme. On this route, more than 300 vehicles carry 600 thousand passengers per day.
* A college student holding a room for his friend was lynched by old uncles.
* Young people to shield the lover, 5 foul play was fired.
* Crowded metrobüste the girl who rushed to the device, sleeping the same person at night with the teddy bear.
* It is true that they left their boys in the metrobus to get stronger.
* The possibility of sitting in an empty seat is lower than the possibility of an elderly person after being seated.
* When the seat in front of you is empty, take a right to the right and then to the right again and then sit down.
* Metrobus is dry and hot in summer and cold and rainy in winter. Ferrari 1 million TL, Metrobus: 2.5 million TL. Please pay more attention when riding.
* The driver took the sharp bend of Zincirlikuyu with a distance of 100 and made everyone a relative.
* Man who does not receive a refund after landing is rich
* Metrobus passengers do not need to be vaccinated. Because the body is immune to all diseases.
* Metrobus is the only means of transportation that will be taken on these days.
* The only way to overtake a Ferrari by public transport is metrobus.
* Don't leave the house without breakfast. Because you have to be strong in metrobust.
* A person dressed as old to sit on the Metrobust was caught, is currently beaten in the bellows.
* There is very little to make you forget the toothache in life. Yes, Metrobus is one of them. The moment you start, general anesthesia is starting.
* If this nation was against the gates of Vienna as it was on the metrobus gates, it would be the Turks now.
* Laz uncle of the apostle of the metrobus crowd advise: Gari gocalar sarilsinlaar, between the pouches in the minimum induralum. It's just gaIl!
* Would you be angry with me if I said “If some BRTs make special flights for women, even if some BRTs are separated as men and women”?
* Instead of thinking of the pink metrobus, adolescent metrobus, adolescent bus would not be bad thinking.

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