Had Turkey's Istanbul Transport Services Tender Loomis

Istanbul Transportation Wins Tender for the Loomis Turkey
Loomis Turkey, the existing tram in Istanbul, metro, light metro, funicular and cable car line which of their operations Istanbul Transport Inc. Vending their machines Money and Coin Replenishment and Turnstiles Collecting Business Services Procurement "which won.
Loomis Turkey Istanbul Transportation Co. for 120 stations in 585 of the 959 machines and turnstiles will serve for 2 years. Loomis Turkey Country President stated his happiness because of winning the tender steep Tarhanac of, "Thanks to our superior expertise and extensive service we aim to contribute more to the right amount of money at the right time in the right place makes it possible to society's cash flow more efficiently by making Loomis Turkey as the country's economy" said.
Worldwide, over 400 20 branches and more than a thousand employees operating in the country 16 Loomis, preserving the line continues to operate in Turkey.

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