İhsan Aydın: Restraint in transportation is not a good sign

The legislator has authorized municipalities as the traffic and transport authority of the cities.
In cities where the population exceeds millions, this work is carried out by the Metropolitan Municipalities through UKOME.
If you ask in Bursa, the problem will be the transportation to the beginning of the problems of the city.
The goal of the metropolitan municipality is to solve the traffic problem of the city in terms of investments made for both wheeled vehicles and rail system.
But there are no problems.
For example, in the East of the city, the conversion of rubber-powered vehicles (minibuses) running parallel to the rail track is driven.
The Metropolitan Municipality could not agree with the minibuses or Private Public Buses.
It is also annoying to the city that the transformation business comes to the dimension of restraint between the parties.
On the previous day, we brought to the fore the transformation of the transformation of the Private Public Buses going to Atatürk Caddesi from different points of the city within the framework of the Transportation Master Plan.
Board Member Ali Kaya called the room.
The municipality's transportation company BURULAŞ drew attention to their problems.
Obviously, there is a problem between BURULAŞ and the green public bus owners.
We also know that the citizens are not very happy with the green buses.
Can't be more transparent?
Ali Kaya, the Room Manager said, konusunda BURULAŞ does not give us any information about the number of passengers and sharing system we carry. The percentage of dirty money collected is seized by 8. E-Kent 2.8'i of this percentage is given. The service fee is worth a thousand 400 TL. We're going through a rough period. From now on, 20 will leave the boarding trip in January and return to the pay system. Artık
These expressions reveal the extent to which its reconciliation comes.
In this case, the Metropolitan Municipality authorized by the law will put into effect legal sanctions.
I wish the problem could have been solved before coming to this stage.
It is highly thought-provoking that he defines BURULAS as the modern modern network 'that manages the electronic fee collection and sharing system.
If it was transparent, maybe the problem wouldn't grow.
Partial stop execution ...
Kaya, as of yesterday because of the contract in 2002'ye reminded BURULAS notary notaryden.
Kaya also claims that they want to supervise the electronic ticket system as a room, and that the municipal buses added to the West line have damaged themselves.
On the other hand, last year, the transportation services to the transfer of the whole of the Metropolitan Municipality Council decision, which is the transfer of the BURULAŞ busman 2. The Administrative Court decided to stop the partial execution.
However, this decision is not an obstacle to the transfer of authority.

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