If you want a tram to Prime Minister Konyaya

If you want a tram to Prime Minister Konyaya
The tender of the new cultural center requested by the Prime Minister was held at jet speed. The trams that Konya has been waiting for 9 years still have not arrived. The enigma in the stadium business continues.
While Konya Metropolitan Municipality was slowing down the wishes and expectations of the citizens, the construction of the cultural center of 10 thousand people was tendered with a jet speed, upon a statement made by Prime Minister Erdoğan. Konyalı expects to improve the trams since 2004
Konya Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its investments with the rumors that Konya will be a brand in the world, is trying to achieve this with new investments. Within the framework of the investments made for Konya to switch to the literature as a brand city, the problems in urban transportation, which is the most important problem of the city, cannot be solved. Especially in the rail system, these problems are seriously observed. Konyalı also expects the improvement of the rail system from the Metropolitan Municipality. After 2004 years, the first concrete step was taken and the tender of the new trams was carried out after the 9-year interval related to the improvement of the rail system, which is on the agenda since XNUMX, and the renewal of the trams. However, the tender tender has not been concluded yet.
While a tram cannot be renewed for 9 years, the tender of the 10 thousand-seat cultural center, which Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan asked for when he came to Konya, was completed within two weeks. On the other hand, the construction of the new stadium, which has been on the agenda of the public for a long time, was also tendered in 2012. However, due to the setbacks, there is no work on the construction of the stadium now.

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