Farewell to commuter trains will be difficult

Inspired by songs and poems, it is farewell to commuter trains that are home to bitter, sweet memories in road stories.
Marmaray months before the commuter trains to the time of farewell approached. Haydarpasa-Gebze and Sirkeci-Halkalı The train line running between will close at 29 October. Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci stations, which are the scene of meetings and separations, will be among the dusty pages of the past. The suburban trains will be lifted, but the rails will be included in the Marmaray project. The modern trains will carry passengers on renewed and additional rails. Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci stations will not be used as a station. Haydarpasa Train Station is planned to become a cultural and social facility.
Farewell to commuter trains is the most disruptive of mechanics. It's not easy to leave the trains they see as their sons. It is training to use the highly modern and technically equipped vehicles to be used in Marmaray. It will take some time for the mechanics who take their beautiful memories on suburban lines to get used to Marmaray.
Hasan Bektaş, who has been a machinist for 33 years in State Railways, has been working in the suburb of Istanbul since 1990. Bektaş, who devotes twenty years of his life to suburban machinery, says, lik The real machinist is being experienced on the long road, but the time in the suburbs is more important than anything else. Ö Explaining how they race every day, Bektaş said, dakika Even if we are delayed for a minute, the passenger misses the ferry. Some of his homes and school could not catch up. So we have to get them to where they're going. Passengers become angry when we are late, we are patient at the time. We do not argue with the passenger. Yolcu
Like every job, mechanics have difficulties. Whenever everyone feasts, it's like you start working when everyone sleeps. Actually, they call it a profession with a mechanic family. Because their wives, children according to them is regulating their lives. Şevket Aktaş, another family member of the family, said that 26 has been continuing its professional life with the tolerance of the family. One of the veteran mechanic Mustafa Karaaslan. Gibi We will be as if we have lost a relative, ün he summarizes his sorrow with the closure of the suburb. For 26 years, Zeki Ulusoy, who is a machinist in the State Railways, is one of those who love the tracks. Ulusoy stated that even though he was miles away from the tracks he got to know every train from his voice, bile We agree with certain signs. Most of the signs are whistle. For example, if a train goes to 3 for a whistle, he wants to have his brakes checked. The 2 whistle brakes were tested and no problem. If he blows a long whistle, I'm ready to move, so I'm done. It doesn't matter for us metro or suburban. We take each train after training. Eğitim
Rails will be renewed
The route of the Marmaray Railway Project is parallel to the existing suburban line. 13 will be opened in 29 October 2013. The other stages of the 72 kilometer line will be modernized and even connected. Halkalı Most of the existing stations between Kazlıçeşme and Söğütlüçeşme and Gebze will remain in their current location, but the buildings will be revised and repaired or new buildings will be constructed. With existing commuter line HalkalıA trip to Gebze takes 185 minutes, including the ferry crossing from Sirkeci to Haydarpaşa. When the Marmaray is completed, this journey will go down to 105 minutes.

Source: Risale News

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