Gökçek reacted to Ankara Metrobus action by Twıtter

Gökçek Ankara Metrobus Action Reacted From Twıtter
Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gökçek reacted on Twitter to the metrobus action carried out by a group of 30 people in Gölbaşı. President Gökçek noted that the event was a political demonstration and was organized by some CHP and MHP members and thanked the citizens of Gölbaşı who did not respect the show. Gökçek called for the protesters to come to Ankara with a horse carriage called "horse bus".
President Gökçek made the following statements in his statements on the subject; “Today, a group of 30 people got into a horse-drawn carriage to protest our metrobus application in Gölbaşı TOKİ. The protest did not have public relations. It was a completely political show. The organizers were CHP executives and people known to be left-wing. I would like to thank TOKI residents who do not respect these infamous people by collecting only 30 people in TOKI houses where tens of thousands of people live. However, I am saddened that some MHP administrators are among these provocates. I'm ready to prove if I said 'CHP organization'. Here are CHP District President Ercan Şimşek and CHP council member Yusuf Aksakal. Speaking on the horse carriage, Fikret Bahadan, who works in Mamak Municipality, is known for his extreme leftism. Hasan Ali Gündüz, who also poses on the cart, is a contract worker in the CHP group in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. It is the fact that İsmail Kanlı and MHP neighborhood representative Nuri Kılınç, who work in the MHP Assembly group that upset me. I wonder if they were not ashamed to cooperate with these extreme leftists, saying, 'We will do politics'. These protesters are in places of national pride. They shamelessly hung a Turkish flag on the horse, even if the flag looked like a flag. Everyone gets on the vehicle he deserves. My citizen is on the metrobus and the protesters are on the "atbüs". My call to the protesters, if you are the leader of your word, come to Ankara every day with a horse carriage that you call 'atbüs' and perform. You chose the one that suits you. What can I do?

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