Formerly Mudanya Train Station Today Montania Hotel

Formerly Mudanya Train Station Today Montania Hotel
Old Mudanya Station, 160 is an annual building. Built in 1849 and today serves as a stylish hotel, the historic building was originally a customs building UM
The Mudanya Railway Station, which is a long-standing building on the shore of Mudanya, was built as a customs building by the French in 1849. This magnificent building on the pier was the most spectacular, the most spectacular of the period. In order to facilitate the export of raw silk yarns from Bursa to Lyon, France, when the calendars showed the year of 1874, a railway line with a length of 42 was built between Mudanya and Bursa. The silk produced in the factories in Bursa was transported to Mudanya by rail and from there they were sent to Marseille via scheduled flights. Thus, the building, which previously served as a customs warehouse, started to serve as “Mudanya Train Station Böylece. However, this was not very long-term; 1892 a Belgian company launched the train service, 10 July 1953 day was removed from the business.
The train was extremely slow
Bursa-Mudanya in providing transportation for many years, produced in Bursa goods which play an important role in the transport to Europe and around the world this railway line, on the grounds that harm, Turkey canceled a law enacted by the Grand National Assembly.
The main reason for the removal of the train was that it did not bring the expected benefit and was extremely slow. Considering those who live in those days; the train was slowing down on the ramps so that passengers could; especially children could get up and down from the train. Then they caught the train and continued. The train departing from Mudanya arrived in Bursa-Acemler Station in two hours. Since the railway was operated by a foreign company, the tariffs were made according to the time of the alafranga. But this situation caused confusion. 5 In September 1892, the company was warned by a letter issued by the company that passengers were asked to adjust themselves according to the time of the hour. However, upon request, the application was subsequently translated into alaturka time. There were three different positions on the train between Bursa and Mudanya. The first position was in the form of a compartment with red leather seats. The price of this compartment, which is considered to be luxury compared to others, was charged 10. The second position was with a green leather armchair and the tickets 5 were dry. In the third position, in the summer two or three wooden boards, which were open, were added to the train. In 1926, in a brochure published by Cemal Nadir, the tariff is as follows: First place 135, second place 98.30, third place 60 penny. Half a ticket for children aged 4-10 X
In those years the train was the most popular entertainment vehicle of the people of Bursa. In summer, Thursdays, they would go to Mudanya by train. He would lie on the beach, enjoy the sea and the sun, and sip his teapot tea in the samovar. They would return to Bursa by train on Sunday, after two to three days. All the coast to Burgas was filled with the people of Bursa.
From the building to the hotel Gar
In 1922, the “narrow line sınıf of today's calm and beautiful seaside resort of Mudanya, which the American writer Ernest Hemingway described as anya a second-class coastal town in dusty soil X, was able to serve 79 years. Mudanya-Bursa railway is one-way and can not be connected to other lines of this line has prepared the end of the train. After the train was removed and the line was removed, the garage was used as a warehouse and sometimes as a warehouse. Then he stayed idle for a long time.
Unfortunately, the historical building was destroyed and destroyed during this period. By the year of 1989, it was decided to return the ruined garage to the place of revival. A restoration project was initiated immediately. Investor Fahri Esgin, Senior Architect Mehmet Alper and Senior Architect Mehmet Nursel undertook the project. The building rented from Mudanya Municipality; During a period of three and a half years, it has become a present with a very rigorous work. During the restoration, care was taken to protect the original identity of the building and to bring the historical features to the surface. The 160 annual historic Mudanya station building today welcomes its guests as Hotel Montania.

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