In Elazig, two trains collided head-on; 8 injured

In Elazig, two trains collided head-to-head in 8.
According to information obtained, the clock 22.30 lines Elazig central road Yolcati railway station at the entrance signs and signals off, Adana, 61502 voyage number one passenger train, waiting at the station was hit by the freight train 53002. 2 train personnel with a total of 8 injured in the accident. The injured in the accident, Elazığ, hospitals were removed.
Elazığ Civil defense teams and Elazığ Municipality and 112 ambulances came to the scene after the accident and helped the survivors. Civil defense teams, a long time effort to separate the trains in the accident show.
Passengers who survived the accident without injuries indicate that there was a sound before the windows were broken and there were many injuries.
Malatya TCDD officials and gendarmerie teams launched an investigation is ongoing.

Source: Star Agenda

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