Family of Ebru Gültekin Hot Spring TCDD must be tried!

Family of Ebru Gültekin Hot Spring TCDD must be tried!
At the hearing the decision of discovery appeared
The first hearing of the death of academician Ebru Gültekin Ilıcalı, who died in the stroller at the Feneryolu train station in July last year, who died after trying to get on the train with his 4-year-old son. Kadıköy He was seen in the courthouse.
The engineer and conductor of the case before the trial, Ilıcalı family, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) has also filed a criminal complaint for the prosecution of senior officials.
Kadıköy The first hearing of the case before the 5th Criminal Court of First Instance was attended by Ebru Gültekin Ilıcalı's wife Sabri Akın Ilıcalı, her older sisters Canan Fergan and Binnaz Akgül, academician friends and detained defendants Süleyman Özkoç and Abdullah Çiğdem. the parties'
At the end of the hearing, where they defended and listened to the witnesses, it was decided to make a discovery at the scene on 22 March. The court board announced that the next hearing will be held on 2 May.
Sabri Akın Ilıcalı, the wife of Academician Ebru Gültekin Ilıcalı, who died in a train accident, made statements to journalists at the exit of the hearing. Stating that the defendants do not accept their crimes, Ilıcalı said, “Of course, the defendants have a great crime. But there are also many technical problems. It turned out that there were some discrepancies in the platforms, the layout of the business, and who controls the train, ”said Ilıcalı, who noted that since the accident happened not only 2 employees but also a lack of organization beyond that, Ilıcalı said,“ It is also about TCDD senior officials. we filed a criminal complaint. First of all, we know that this institution is an institution that periodically caused such accidents and had very serious accidents in the past. We want to be instrumental for this to improve. Our main goal is that we expect those responsible for this incident that causes very important problems in our lives to be revealed and their crimes to be detected and punished ”.
Lawyer Abdullah Kaya stated that they saw the case file as simple and said: “This hand incident and the catastrophic death that took place is not just a simple incident to be installed on a machinist and conductor. Here, both the international criteria and the criteria adopted by the State Railways of TSE are clearly evident. However, a service other than these standards is provided. And apart from this service, a young woman is terribly losing her life. We have notified the prosecution office and other relevant units since the beginning of the incident. However, we could not get the desired result in the lawsuit filed. At present, the incident is attempted to be overthrown only by a conductor and machinist. However, the defense lawyers also demanded to reveal that this incident was a business error, that both trains and platforms provided services that did not comply with the standards and who had defects in this regard. Therefore, we have a complaint filed yesterday. We have a demand to bring those with serious business defects to the court. ”
Academician friends of Ebru Gültekin Ilıcalı Kadıköy He made a press release in front of the courthouse and asked for the punishment of those responsible.

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