High Speed ​​Train That Doesn't Stop at Stations – New Istanbul Project

fast train that does not stop at stops, serdar inandan new istanbul project special news with video
fast train that does not stop at stops, serdar inandan new istanbul project special news with video

After the Prime Minister's announcement of the Kanal Istanbul project, Inanlar Chairman of the Board of Directors Serdar Inan added a new one to the project proposals he produced for New Istanbul. The distance to sit in Çanakkale and work in Istanbul will be 40 minutes…

Thanks to İHT (Istanbul High Speed ​​Train System), which is an important part of the Marmara Ring Project, which aims to liberate Istanbul by making Marmara an inland sea all around, it will reach the farthest distance in the region. to be issued. Thus, sitting in Çanakkale and working in Istanbul will no longer be a dream.

Istanbul will be the first megacity of the world's inland sea…

Serdar Inan announced that İHT will create a whole with Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge and Canakkale Bosphorus Bridge, which will be realized within the project announced by the government, and will be able to travel all over Marmara within 2 hours. Inan stated that Istanbul will be the first megacity with inland sea in the world.

10 minutes between stops, 30 minutes between Istanbul and Bursa…

It is planned to be only 12 minutes between two stops with the rail system that consists of 10 stops and travels all over Marmara. With this advanced high speed train system, which will be the first in the world, Istanbul-Bursa is 30 minutes.

The system works as follows: IHT consists of a self-propelled wagon system. Each base unit consists of at least one 3 interface. The main unit is on its way without stopping. The intermediate units are separated from the main unit and approach the stops and empty the passengers. 1 interface is waiting at each stop.

When passengers get into the intermediate unit / carriage, the carriage is rapidly moving to the main system and is locked with the main system. Train wagons / units continue at high speed without stopping at any stop. In the back of the passenger wagon passes the stop is approaching the stop again, leaving the other wagons to the stop. In the meantime, other wagons continue to move incessantly.

No time is spent, no waiting, no waiting. At the same time, the 2 crossing the 2 spot in the opposite direction on the single line to be east and west is taking place.

300 km from the center of Istanbul, 1 hour soon…

If the project is put into practice, the Marmara sea will become an inner city sea with the sea transportation to be planned in integration with the İHT stations and the reef islands to be established off Silivri, but the forest will also be taken into the city. Also, Kaz Mountains will be included in Istanbul.

With the project, where the longest distance can be covered in 1 hour, transportation to the center of Istanbul will be easier. Thus, living spaces, which are getting narrower in the center of the city, will be added to the sea and forest areas.

Circular instead of uncontrolled linear development in Istanbul, as in all correctly planned megacities of the world; ring development will be created.

Architect Serdar İnan explains the factors in the development of the project as follows:

'Since 1950, the problem of transportation and traffic has increased wildly with the population in Istanbul due to constant foreign immigration. There is an unstoppable demand for Istanbul, which has a population of 13 million today. Education, health, tourism, finance center, Istanbul, which has the potential to be the capital of the world, must reach a solution to this crazy population growth and traffic problem in order to reach this position. It must reverse brain and human migration. We can do this by decentralizing old Istanbul, distributing the center, breathing into Istanbul, which is stuck in Istanbul by inserting parks, forests and nature. Our Marmara Ring Project proposal aims to liberate the population in Istanbul by moving Istanbul to all Marmara, turning the Marmara Sea into an inland sea. An important part of the project is İnanlar's İHT (ihata *) Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project, which passes through the New Istanbul center and travels 300 km without stopping.

We have always tried to wear tight shirts to our unique Istanbul, which is different in every way, with the narrow plans that were used in the past. Istanbul has always misled us. It developed rapidly, it could not always fit in its container. Now is the time to develop projects in line with this rapid pulse of Istanbul that will liberate Istanbul. Marmara Ring Project is a project that goes beyond international standards, saying 'we are here now', in line with the perspective of the developing country and our self-confidence in recent years;

Worthy of Istanbul… Worthy of us…

The Prime Minister's New Istanbul project will carry Istanbul to become the world capital. Istanbul is a new era of education, health, finance, tourism, entertainment, culture and arts, settlement. With this vision, we inspired our Golden Age projects that will carry Istanbul to the position it deserves. Now is the time to put the meaningful theory into practice. We can achieve this by creating the ideal balance. The ideal blend brings holistic success. We believed! More to come ...

Source: arkitera

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