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railroad memoirs only railroad moments from the language of the railroad
railroad memoirs only railroad moments from the language of the railroad

Today, every profession has a cultural definition and the members of that profession can easily express themselves within this definition, however, TCDD employees have difficulty in defining themselves about the railway culture with the new face. While they can express them as teacher, TAF employee, soldier, health worker / doctor, the railroads are hesitant about what the term transportation branch / railroad signifies as a concept.

From the early years of the Republic until the 1960s, being a railroad driver was a proud thing and it was a highly respected profession in the society. The railroaders, who were a leading branch of the state in terms of being an example to society, took care of the railroaders, both the villagers and the urbanites, and one day they wanted their son to become a railroad driver and his daughter to marry a railway man ... and it has turned into a place that is seen as a bar of bread, which is not preferred today! .. Especially after 1960, with the implementation of contracted personnel, a very rapid degeneration started in terms of professional ethics within the institution; Both the distribution of titles among the employees and the fair distribution of wages among the titles have deteriorated considerably, and political favoritism, which is the biggest disease of our state, also took over TCDD and its employees .. As such, many personnel who regarded themselves as unfair got dismissed from their jobs and became dismissed from railroad business.

Although the railroaders' day, whose name has not been clarified and not accepted by all employees, has been celebrated in our country for the last few years, unfortunately, it is very sad that there is no absolute consensus on the answer to the question of who is a railroad driver. The most important reason for this is that the classical structure of TCDD and the recent changes in the titles have been intensive, while the number of active employees that form the main backbone rapidly decreases, while the increase in the titles such as security officers working in side positions. In addition, the fact that TCDD Vocational High School, which adopts the railway profession at childhood and trains the personnel of TCDD, has been closed for 10 years and the former graduates are retiring quickly.
The biggest reason for the railroad identity to be fully adopted and not established is the rapid association and unionization in the last 10 years. There is no objection to the proliferation of non-governmental organizations, but because of the unnecessary opening of 5-6 unions among the employees of the same institution and their rival and opposition to each other in recruiting members and union actions, these different attitudes are immediately reflected on the employees and the identity of the association comes to the fore ..

In the last few years, the classical face of our railways has started to change completely, especially with the TCDD's initiation of the high-speed train operation, and the railway culture has entered a rapid change process due to the difficulties experienced in the adaptation of employees to this innovation movement. With the new management system, while many old titles were out of the system, new working systems were built instead of them. In this case, it creates a negative result in terms of being able to easily define the railway culture, however, the acceleration of corporate identity studies and the templateization of workplaces and equipment for the last few years are good steps towards eliminating these negativities.

It is very important to clarify the railroad identity clearly in terms of keeping this profession and culture alive in a healthy way, and in this regard, the employees and the organizations that the employees are affiliated with should make an effort.

Railway employees show the social respect required by both their institutions and their professions, instead of having a you-I fight among themselves. kazanThey have to work and behave properly in order to succeed. With the transition to high-speed train management, the classical structure will be replaced by a modern understanding, and within this understanding, the culture and identity of the railway will be in the place it deserves.

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