Çorumun Railway Request to be forwarded to the Prime Minister

Çorumun Railway Request to be forwarded to the Prime Minister
Cahit Bağcı, AK Party Deputy of Çorum, said that they will meet with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for the railway shortage, which is thought to be the primary problem of the city.
In his written statement, Bağcı stated that as AK Party Deputies of Çorum, they requested an appointment from Prime Minister Erdoğan and stated that they would convey Çorum's excitement and expectation regarding the railway to the Prime Minister.
Emphasizing that they have made great efforts to gain railways in Çorum, Bağcı said, “We have explained why the railroad is important for Çorum on every platform and we will continue to do so. The railway, which will develop our industry and increase our exports, is the biggest longing of Çorum residents. As the deputies, we closely follow all the works and developments related to the railway, which means a lot for our city ”.
Bagci, Prime Minister Erdogan in their meeting with Ankara-Corum-Samsun between the realization of the railway project to accelerate and the transfer will be requested as soon as possible to transfer said.

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