Airport to continue

Airport to continue
When I raised the airport issue, I saw great support in the region. We are the members of a district that hosts the first. There is another issue in the airport that I did not bring to the agenda, which is the 'RADAR'
We have already moved to the county since the republic. The market has a strategic position as well. The fact that we are next door to Russia is increasing this importance.
We used to have tournaments in the field on Radar. We made football matches. Sometimes the helicopters would land in the area where we played football and get up. For this reason, this important detail has not been mentioned in many articles.
After this announcement, I will move a new investment to Rize for the first time.
As it is known, I mentioned that I would write about ülen RAILWAYS İR which are thought to be made in our region through the eyes of the previous columnist. I would like to thank Mustafa Babal, the head of the production department of the railways of our valuable market, who showed us both in writing and visually.

Our father, Babal, sent a long and detailed description of the railways. I'm not going to present all of these explanations, but the parts of us that concern our region.

The history of railways in our country dates back to 156 years ago. Over time, such as 1940'li years, this area is not given enough attention. After 2003 year, a new railway mobilization was made. complete innovation in this context, since 60 has been presented to justify our High Speed ​​Train service between Ankara and Eskisehir and 2009 km / hr Turkey 250 the world. 8 in Europe. High-Speed ​​Train has started to operate.

The second High Train line is the Ankara-Konya route, which is built entirely by domestic contractors, Turkish engineers, completed in the shortest time among the peers in the world and opened for operation at the most economical cost. 8 888 mileage road 1076 mile rail was constructed and 135 mile rail construction was carried out in XNUMX annually.

Eskişehir-İstanbul high-speed railroad tests will be started at the end of 2013. The infrastructure of the Ankara-Sivas section of the Edirne-Kars high-speed train corridor is underway. Ankara-Afyonkarahisar, the first stage of the Ankara-Izmir high railway, started to be constructed. High-speed train and subway vehicles in Sakarya, high speed train shears in Çankırı, high speed train sleepers in Sivas, Sakarya, Afyon, Konya and Ankara, rail link materials in Erzincan, high speed train in KARDEMİR with the support of TCDD trains were started to be produced and in cooperation with Makine Kimya for the production of wheels in Kırıkkale.

Railways previously imported from abroad from the train set, Eskişehir and Adapazarı factories began to produce the domestic train set.2023 10.000 km YHT and 4.000 km by making the conventional line, the total rail network to 25.940 km, 2035 km until about 11.500 km YHT and By making 5000 km conventional line, the total rail network is 28.440 km. will be upgraded. Thus; In the 10 year of our Republic, if we sing the same anthem from the heart of the main dormitory dört the main dormitory with iron nets X, in the 100 year, our nation deserves to sing the la anthem of the four-headed homeland ”.

Ankara-Sivas-Erzincan-Trabzon High Speed ​​Rail: Ankara-East route; on the one hand, it forms the longitudinal main artery of the railway network extending from the western border to the eastern border of our country and on the other hand is located on the railway connection of the Euro-Iran, Europe-Middle East and Caucasus countries. Also Pan-Europe 4. It is located in the continuation of the corridor. 405 km-long high-speed railway construction between Ankara and Sivas continues at full speed. Between Sivas and Erzincan, 240 km project works are in progress. After the completion of the project at the end of 2013, construction tender is planned to be made in 2014. After that, it will open the way for Erzincan to progress towards Erzurum and Trabzon. Implementation projects for the construction of Erzincan-Trabzon railway line will be completed and construction will be started at 2010-2023 targets. Passenger and freight transport will be carried out in Trabzon fast rail line and its speed will be 200 km / h. With the completion of the Ankara-Sivas-Erzincan-Trabzon high-speed railway line, the travel times will include stoppages: Trabzon-Erzincan 1Hour 15 minutes, Trabzon-Sivas 2 hours 45 minutes, Trabzon-Ankara 4 hours 45 minutes, 7 hours between Trabzon and Istanbul 30 hours It will be. Without stopping, there will be 7 hours between Trabzon-Ankara-Istanbul and if the 350 km / h speed line between Ankara and Istanbul is made, 6 will be able to travel in hours. As we have seen, the railroad network in our country has started to grow with new areas every day.

So, what is the situation in the Eastern Black Sea region? Detailed explanations on this subject were written by Mr. Babal, and I only; I will convey the work done on the Rize-Batumi line. Planned to be constructed, Trabzon - Tirebolu - Erzincan - Diyarbakır (ITU-1985), Trabzon -Of - Bayburt - Erzincan (Alternative Study) (KTU), Trabzon - Rize - Hopa (KTU-1996), Hopa - Sarp - Batumi (KTU- Meeting the transportation needs that arose as a result of the tourism activities that started with the opening of the Sarp Border Gate, which was opened in 1995 with the new railway lines, ensuring the connection of the settlements in the Eastern Black Sea Region with the existing railway network, and the current railway network through the Caucasus and the Caucasus. It aims to be connected to the Federation and Central Asia. The feasibility study commissioned by DLH at Istanbul Technical University in 1998 was updated in 1985. With this project, the Eastern Black Sea Region will be connected to Southeastern Anatolia and the GAP region by rail. Characteristic values ​​of the Trabzon-Rize-Hopa railway project. Total Length 1997 km, Number of Lines: Double Lines, Maximum Slope: 165%, Minimum Curve Radius: 0,10m, Project Speed: 3000 km / h, Total Tunnel Length: 200 km. evaluation of the project (KTÜ-44,5) The project has been found to be financially and economically feasible (feasible). A railway connection to be made between Hopa-steep-Batumi railway Hopa-Sarp-Batumi; It will enable to increase international trade and to make freight and passenger transportation more economical. In 1996, DLH General Directorate had Karadeniz Technical University prepared the Feasibility Report for Tirebolu-Giresun, Hopa-Sarp-Batum, Railway Lines.

So, parallel to the Black Sea coastal road?
In the 2003 it has been investigated that the road works of the Black Sea coastal road can be constructed on the highway side in Trabzon-Hopa sections. Within the scope of the highway project, it is determined that there is no suitable land corridor for the railway. Due to the difference between road and rail slopes and curves, it was seen that providing highway-rail parallels would be very difficult and costly.
1 alternative: Mountain side rail:% 40 tunnel,% 20 bridge,% 40 fill-splitting.
2 Alternative: Sea side rail: Construction and protection is very difficult. The General Directorate of DLH started to work on the feasibility and project of alternative routes in order to provide connection to the Black Sea from Erzincan.
According to the feasibility results, the most suitable route will be implemented.
As we have seen, many projects have been prepared for the development of our province, but have implemented them. I hope that our local deputies, governors, district governors, mayors, press members and non-governmental organizations always keep these good investments on the agenda, and as Rize.

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