Great application from the Ministry of Transport

The portal “” prepared by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication will give free directions to citizens.
The "" portal, whose technical infrastructure was prepared by Türksat, which was implemented by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, offers citizens alternative routes for their destinations. In the portal, which is enriched with weather information, citizens have the opportunity to choose the vehicles on their route according to their costs.
On the portal, which can also be downloaded free of charge to smartphones, directions are provided in writing. Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Strategy Development Chairman Erol Burns, the AA correspondent, the year 2012 the portal transport entered service in December, the scope of e-transformation in Turkey is obliged to fulfill the ministry said that the IT projects, "especially serious in terms of infrastructure, roads improvement and development provided. After this stage, studies were carried out on how to use roads more effectively, how to ensure the use of citizens alternatively by combining information technology, ”he said.
In this sense, all the transportation modes of the basic policy makers and who manage the location of the operations of the Ministry of transport modes (types of) transport portal created by combining, after the e-government in Turkey Side stressed that the comprehensive integration project in public, "Currently around 170 institutions and organizations integrated into this project. More than 150 companies serving in road transport are also integrated with the portal, ”he said.
"Native map base was used"
Pointing out that the biggest gain in the project is to be obtained entirely by the power of local engineers and software developers and the use of local map base, Yanar said, “Today, many software used in the market have to work depending on some companies. The software we use in the portal works on the map base prepared by our engineers. In that sense, it is a huge integration project, ”he said.
"Transport known for our future what the situation has been integrated here if," said Burns, the land primarily air and the Republic of Turkey with companies operating in the marine transportation State Railways (TCDD) also said it was integrated into this portal.
To search for the fastest and cheapest way to go from one point to another point of citizens, by entering many web sites, hours to do research, pointing out that Yanar, citizens to save time, described the transportation portal as follows:
“However, the transportation portal we have prepared gives our citizens a choice to make a choice. Our citizens choose between the two points they determine on the map. It provides the information of the travel hours, prices, and the distance to be traveled for the transportation vehicle it chooses. Citizens who choose the means of transportation according to the information presented can also get their tickets quickly. For citizens who prefer to travel with their own vehicles, the options offered as long and short routes are listed according to their wishes whether toll roads will be included or not. "
"Weather information per 4 square kilometers"
Pointing out that there is also a weather feature in the transportation portal, Yanar said, “The weather on the route to go is given digitally every 4 square kilometers. In addition, the time in the travel plan is given taking into account. For example, you wanted to go to Kars from here. Presumably, the weather condition at the time you reach Kars is also given to the citizens. The weather for 3 days is analyzed in this sense, ”he said.
Yanar, the portal also on the route during the travel gas stations, restaurants, pharmacies, recreational facilities, historical places, such as police and gendarmerie showed the location of security units.
"Smart phones can also be used"
Noting that such a service is not available on any internet site, Yanar said that most of the services provided are under the knowledge and control of the ministry, and that it is very difficult to ensure the integration of companies serving on land, sea, air and rail at one site.
Transportation portal can be used on all kinds of mobile devices, Yanar, smartphones can be installed on the portal free of charge, directions are in writing.
“The ultimate goal here is to take our people from their door and leave them to the door they want to go to. In doing so, we work in cooperation with local governments. We have currently received test data of Bursa and Izmir, it is working, but will be developed. Our project has the benefit of setting standards for all data. When such a standard was set, local governments modified their work according to these standards, ”he said.
Stating that the test data of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is about to run out, Yanar stated that Ankara's information will be integrated into the system soon.
Citizens, cities and cities, starting from the door between the point where he wants to go with the means of transportation, describing how to move with the document Yanar, said that all municipalities are continuing negotiations with the system to integrate.
Stating that the cost of the project whose software was implemented by Türksat is 2 million TL, Yanar said, “Integration projects are very big projects. We used Türksat's knowledge, experience, experience, and experience gained from e-government in this field. It is difficult to determine the monetary value of such a large project. If we had this done in the market, we would have paid 4-5 times, but so far, we have given Türksat whatever our budget allows. "The money we have spent for this project so far has not exceeded 2 million lira."
"Directions in 4 languages"
Transport portal preparing the world Yana also explained that the transportation portal, "which was put into practice in Turkey is not in a comprehensive portal to the world. There are other service providers. But the national transport portal, in its development stage, will be added in the coming days with a lot of different information. We have a study especially for the maritime side. Those who will go on a yacht will also see which port and how long it will take to go, and will be able to see the situation and weather at sea. This portal is not a project that can be said 'done and done, let's use it'. It is a project that will be developed according to constant needs and demands ”.
English language spoken by most of the citizens coming to Turkey, German, Arabic and Russian Yana stating that the publication made by said also ranks first among the French language to be added to the portal.
The service Yana voicing is very important in terms of foreign guests, a tourist from Turkey, the place to go, rather than ask others means of transport should use this detail in the gantry noted that it may take the form document.
Not forgotten in the portal
Transport portal children are not forgotten in the Yanar, children to learn the rules of traffic at a young age of educational games and films on the site, he said.
The film, which depicts the traffic rules for the 6 age group children, and the films showing the right and wrong movements, is stated on the site. Erol Yanar, children are more sensitive to the rules they learn and directed the elders said.

Source: HaberTürk



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