Tight Control of Vehicle and Drivers

Alpha romeo It is an Italian car manufacturer. 1910 was established in Milan, Italy. The brand has produced many types of land vehicles. These are types of vehicles such as trolley bus minibus cars. 1960'ye years have lived in the golden age of the brand for many years in the world have reached a very high sales figures. In 1986, the brand was incorporated into the Fiat Group. Nowadays, it continues its production and sales under the name of this body.
Perform selling brand with two models in our country is located in Turkey. These models are Mito and Giulietta models. Mito was designed in 2008 and introduced at 2009 Geneva Fair and was launched in the same year. Mito is a model that competes with Mini in design and structural aspects. The 1.3 1.4 engine comes with two different engines. Prices of Mito 58.000 starts from TL. Our second model is the new Giulietta. New giulietta The model, designed in 2010, was launched in the same year. In 2011 the model has been awarded as the second best car model in Europe. The vehicle deserves praise for its design and equipment.
The model, which incorporates different engine options, is in a position to meet the demands of all types of people. 1.4 oil 1.4 oil multiair 1.75 oil 1.6 diesel 2.0 diesel engine options such as diesel can see the model. 2014 Year New Giulietta prices are determined as 2014 TL as of April.

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