Retrieving a Scrap Wagon

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Contact bursaray directly

Getting a Scrap Wagon in Bursa! BURSA Metropolitan Municipality, BursaRay for the new stage of the 8 kilometer of the Netherlands's Rotterdam metro 30 24 tool allocated to scrap scrap was proposed. TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (MMO) Bursa Branch President İbrahim Mart said that the vehicles would be risking the lives of the passengers because of the old vehicles. U Why is the municipality working to produce the silkworm?

In order to provide transportation to Bursa, the construction of 1998 began in 2012 and reached 31 kilometers until the end of BursaRay'in, from the district of Kestel to Kestel District to reach the end of the 8 kilometer line, the MMO Bursa Branch, made allegations about additional wagons.


A press release at the Academic Rooms Campus, MMO Bursa Branch President İbrahim Mart said that the number of vehicles reached 78 and that the Metropolitan Municipality needs the 24 vehicle together with the new line. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality said that he did not learn from the negativity of wagon purchase in March, he said:
Mayan The Metropolitan Municipality, which has done nothing for two years of purchase, has now taken action. BURULAŞ was appointed in order to purchase a second-hand vehicle without a tender and did not expect to wait approximately two years for the production of vehicles at the end of the tender. 1984 year in the town of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and the 30 year of production of the scraped 44 wagon was purchased. Their 20 parts will be used for spare parts. After the modernization of the electric parts in Germany, the seat system in Bursa will be renewed. 24 cannot be saved with second-hand vehicles that will cost Euros. In the rail system, service, maintenance and spare parts problems will increase with the third brand vehicles. The use of scrap vehicles will present a danger to passengers. Today, transportation cannot be achieved with old technology. Esk


Noting that the purchased wagons were not even brought to the agenda of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Council, Mart asked the Mayor of Bursa, Recep Altepe, for the following: getiril Is the approval of the Ministry of Transport for the second hand vehicles of your choice? Indigenous trolley production You're working hard for silkworm, while you're going for a second-hand import vehicle. How do you explain that? Will not return to the wagon of second hand wagons in the future of Bursa's scrap wagon? Will the domestic production be cut with imported purchases?

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