Bursalı Dolmuşçular complains on tram line

Bursalı Dolmuşçular complains on tram line
The minibuses state that the conversion of the existing minibuses to taxis will be painful after the T1 Project, which was initiated in the name of pedestrianizing the urban traffic.
With the T1 Project, which covers the routes of Altıparmak Caddesi, Atatürk Caddesi, İnönü Street, Uluyol Street, Kent Square, Darmstad Street, Stad Street and planned to be completed in April, the Metropolitan Municipality wants to remove approximately 30 minibuses from 261 stops. The Bursa Chamber of Drivers and Cars claims that this view is wrong and it would be correct to calculate 17 vehicles from 146 stops as a result of the feasibility studies.
The information meeting organized by the Chamber of Drivers and Automobiles of Bursa was held at Atalay Prince Wedding Hall. At the meeting, it is reported that there is about 350 dolmusç to be affected by the application of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality from taxi to taxi.
Bursa Chauffeur and Automobile Shop Tradesman Chamber President Hasan Topçu, minibus shopkeepers always next to the negativity, and said they would carry the negative.
Topçu said: “A one-sided T1 transport system will not facilitate public transportation. As Bursa Chamber of Drivers and Cars, we also support the people living in Bursa in a more economical and convenient transportation. It would be unfair to say that the minibus transportation system creates traffic density in Bursa. In the absence of main minibuses, private vehicle usage will increase. Minibuses are both economical and comfortable means of transportation for citizens.
At the meeting, it was decided to act jointly against the municipality.

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