Çatalfırın Viaduct is removed according to Bursa Transportation Master Plan

Çatalfırın Viaduct is removed according to Bursa Transportation Master Plan
The traffic coming from Şehreküstü as well as the mouth of the funnel from the mouth of the tram that cuts in the front of the substructure Çatalfırın viadağı'nın appeared in the Transportation Master Plan also appeared. The new layout includes a new road map with 5 lane in the plan Yeni
When we first proposed the demolition of Çatalfırın Viaduct on the agenda of Bursa, the issue was mostly discussed in terms of technical men.
Within the scope of the new traffic order, which was formed by the closure of Cumhuriyet Caddesi to the vehicle traffic, the increasing traffic density of Haşim İşcan and Fevzi Çakmak streets brought Şehreküstü Square to the lock point.
The vehicles coming in two lanes from two streets, they continue to the direction of Altiparmak after Şehreküstü due to Çatalfırın Viaducts, and if they wanted to go to the Sculpture, they fell into one lane.
As the Cumhuriyet Caddesi was closed to traffic, no vehicle came from above, and the viaduct not to cut off this traffic was itself dysfunctional, it was itself a problem.
Viaduct obstacle emerged during the construction of the tram.
Prior to…
In order to lay the tracks, the viaduct exit had to be closed, which left the heavy traffic of two streets from Şehreküstü helpless.
After that…
Because the rails cut off the viaduct, every 5 would have to be stopped for the tram crossing every minute, which would create a new disaster for the traffic from Şehreküstü.
The most important support for the removal of Çatalfırın Viaduct, which we have opened for discussion on these grounds, was given by Necati Şahin, the President of the Chamber of Civil Engineers.
Then Ardından
A surprising development emerged, demonstrating the importance of this issue.
We realized a very important document about the removal of the viaduct.
This document…
Famous by the Metropolitan Municipality It is nothing more than Bursa's Transportation Master Plan, which was prepared for Brenner.
That's 28. In the second paragraph below the sketch drawing or Suggestion for redesigning Kent Meydanı / Fevzi Çakmak Caddesi section asında is
Esi Concerning the intersection of Altıparmak Street / Tanpınar Street / Cemal Nadir Street, it is recommended to dismantle the existing ramp and expand the intersection according to the needs of the last situation. “
Çatalfırın Viaduct has no place within the scope of Bursa's future transportation planning.
Besides the…
It is also recommended to remove the overpass, which gives the appearance of a mound that resembles a camel neck in front of the Demirtaşpaşa bathhouse, allowing İnönü Street to cross over Haşim İşcan Street.
There is also Orada
It is emphasized that this ramp should be removed in order to return the tram line to Haşim İşcan Street.
What kind of solution was proposed for the Transport Plan in Transport Master Plan?
World famous Dr. In the new Transport Master Plan of Bursa prepared by Branner, the sketch of the arrangement after the removal of Çatalfırın Viaduct takes place.
According to this…
At the moment from the direction of Zafer Plaza Şehreküstü Square and the vehicles used in the section, the new traffic order is recommended for vehicles going to the direction of sculpture.
This proposal in the Bursa Transportation Master Plan, known as BUAP, is familiar. Because, previously, Necati Şahin, President of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, said that if the viaduct was removed, the flow of traffic could be achieved in this way.
When we saw the plan's suggestion of a non-viaduct traffic flow, we called Sahin and asked for the latest situation. He repeated his views with overlapping plans:
Ve The current road from Zafer Plaza to Şehreküstü Square can remain single-lane and is sufficient to be used only by vehicles that will make a U-turn. “
After the abolition of the viaduct, the following suggests a new road area:
Gider Two lanes go to Sixfinger. Two lanes rotate seamlessly to the direction of sculpture. With the 2 ribbon from Altıparmak, the 4 lane is output towards the Sculpture, which makes the traffic more comfortable. Altı
Together with a single lane for U-turns, a new 5 lane road is emerging.
So what…
There is an obstacle now to accomplish this. He said:
Gerekiyor In order to open the 5 strip, Zafer Plaza needs to move the overflow ventilation systems to another place. Not without doing that. Bunu
The idea is:
Or In today's operation, the traffic from Haşim İşcan and Fevzi Çakmak accumulate in Şehreküstü and cannot be discharged. If the solution foreseen by the plan, the traffic in Şehreküstü will be released very easily.

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