Bursa Private Public Bus Service crisis

Bursa Private Public Bus Service crisis
Burulaş and Private Public Busers in the crisis instead of bureaucrats met with Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe one-to-one table as a result of a way to resolve.
He was right, aside from the arguments that were unfair, a new process has now entered.
The municipality's latest offer to private public buses seems to be acceptable.
At least the hope for the deal was born.
And today, the fight environment that is likely to emerge on the street is finished.
Because now there is a declaration of goodwill.
Of course, at the end of these words we need to add a statement for now.
It's good that there's no fighting environment.
In other words, it is important for Bursa to be understood.
But of course it is also important to understand or understand how.
Because, it should not be seen as a conflict between the municipality and private public bus coaches.
In other words, it is a matter of serious importance to give up the main transportation principles in addition to ensuring that private public coaches can earn more and protect their rights.
If we speak more clearly; it should be ensured that the progress payments of private public coaches are distributed transparently and the conditions are improved.
This must be accepted sine qua non.
However, it would be wrong to continue to run private buses with municipal buses on both the Bursaray routes and the T1 line route.
For this reason, busers should be directed to other lines without being too victimized.
On the other hand, it is very important that private public bus coaches give their order.
For this reason, they absolutely need to gain community support.
In addition to making money, this will be due to their social responsibility and self-criticism.
In fact, with the positive atmosphere that emerged yesterday, the question does not come to mind.
If it was to sit at the top level and take steps for a solution, what was the need to stretch the rest and the environment?
They'il ask him that.
What has changed from a month or two ago?
If you were going to step back, why did you let one or two bureaucrats or room representatives settle down?
Am I right?
While this is the case, we should say that entering a positive process is beneficial for Bursa.
There was a problem in one way or another and it had to be solved.
I hope it will be a solution for the interests of the community and the city.

Source: Hasan BOZTÜRK - www.bursahakimiyet.com.t is



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