Is there any cure for CHP with the help of the private public bus?

Is there any cure for CHP with the help of the private public bus?
CHP is the hope of private public busers who cannot reach a compromise with power?
Why did we ask this question?
The city agenda has been busy for months, but it has been fruitless!
The fight between the Chamber of Private Public Bus Service and the Metropolitan Municipality does not stop and is exacerbated.
Previous day Önceki
Making the last point during his visit to Sönmez Media, President Recep Altepe said, “There is a law and a system in the country… Nobody can do business according to their own mind”.
President Altepe put the last point but epe
The Chamber of Public Bus Service also does not step back.
Vice President Ramazan Umur states that they have been meeting with all the authorized bodies of the state and that there is no problem for them…
It is clear that there will be no compromise between Burulaş and the Special Public Bus Drivers ...
When both sides do not make concessions, it is not possible to come to a compromise.
Unable to reconcile with the government, private public bus drivers and chamber managers are meeting today with the important name of the CHP, Gürsel Tekin.
Just tell me what you mean!
CHEL Deputy Sena Kaleli'nin due to the confidence that has been informed Gursel Tekin.
He did not remain indifferent and asked to meet with the interlocutors of the subject.
Before the Bandırma program in Bursa, he found it appropriate to listen to the experiences of the room managers in their own mouths.
Can Gürsel Tekin or another dissident politician be the solution for the issue?
Arguably ...
We care about their sensitivity.

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