Bursa Deputy Demiröz Bursa rail system gave a question to buy wagon

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Bursa Deputy Demiröz Bursa rail system gave a question to buy wagon
The following questions are given by the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali YILDIRIM
to be answered in writing by;
01 November 2011 date and 28102 repetitive number of Transport, Shipping and Communications
55 of the Decree Law No. 15 on the Organization and Duties of the Ministry.
Article to be built by public institutions, municipalities and special provincial administrations
examination of projects and specifications of subway and city rail transport systems or
inspection and approval, subway and city rail transport systems
This standard specifies the appropriate standardization and the provision of unit prices related to them.
In this context:
1. Buy Used as second hand in Rotterdam Netherlands for Light Rail System from Bursa
Has your ministry approved the 30 annual vehicles received?
2. Purchase of used second hand vehicles in other cities of our country before and today
is / is it done? How much do they cost?
3. Studies to meet urban rail needs
Is it done?
4. In such major projects of interest to the city,
Are opinions taken? If so, what is the opinion of those concerned?
5. The city that aims to become a brand and the biggest contributor to the Gross National Product
located in the European countries of our country, has completed the economic life of 30
Do you think it is appropriate to buy second hand wagons that are? scrap yıllık?
Does Bursa deserve this?
6. In addition, the economic life of these wagons, operating costs,
upgrades and maintenance costs, and ultimately disposal costs
when compared with new or domestic manufactured wagons
is it?
7. What is a profit / loss statement?
8. Domestic purchases will be cut with imported purchases and for domestic producers
Don't think you'll create a negative example?
9. The use of three different brand vehicles for the Bursa light rail system; Differences
for each brand with separate operation, spare parts, service and maintenance challenges
the complexity of the system, as well as operating and maintenance costs
will not cause a higher cost?
10. Second-hand vehicle purchases from abroad for such large projects in Bursa and Turkey
After a period of time, our country and our country ın vehicle scraps'
Don't you think?
11. The reason why the vehicles needed are not supplied as new and domestic production
Example: İlhan DEMİRÖZ
Bursa Deputy

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