Who is against BUDO


Who is against BUDO? Who called on Altepe in the middle of the sea against BUDO?
As with IDO's airline tickets, dynamic ticket price application, Istanbullular as well as the passengers of Bursa also reacted to this tariff of IDO.
Continuously changing the price of the ticket as the pockets burned a price over the service cost added a new additional cost.
So there were reactions.
For this reason, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality established BUDO Bursa Sea Buses to create an alternative sea transportation vehicle for IDO.
Ships were taken from abroad and rented.
At this point;
We think that in July, CHP Bursa Provincial Chairman Metin Celik, BUDO'nun will start a press conference in Mudanya to start the press, BUDO is a dream, and this initiative is an eye-painting is claimed to be tried to be deceived.
So what;
President Recep Altepe continued his insistence and assertion and BUDO officially, Mudanya-Kabataş started his trips between.
We've transferred it from here.
There was a surprise name among those who were in the ceremony of the first official expedition in Mudanya.
Moreover, next to CHP Mudanya County President Rüştü Cozlan.
At that ceremony, they looked at a number of CHP staffs with some confused eyes.
Asking for the Steel "no" is.
”We,“ he said işler We will always be in Bursa for every good work done for the people of Bursa.
In fact, his wife exhibited an example of a rare politician Metin Çelik with this attitude.
Altepe with a crowded group that day KabataşHe went to Istanbul and made the first flight.
On the way back, he thanked Metin Çelik and for his participation in the ceremony.
In this meeting, Çelik repeated his words to us by acting in the same courtesy and wished President Altepe success for BUDO.
In the telephone conversation, it was also discussed the behaviors that should be among the staffs of political parties.
After all;
With the fact that the project, which CHP initially opposed and said siyasi cannot do CH, came into prominence, the rules of flexible and polite politics came to the forefront, and it went into Bursa's political life as a footnote.

Source: Okan TUNA - www.bursahakimiyet.com.t is



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