Bursa Garage Terminal T2 Tram Line Tenders (Special News-Video)

bursa t tram stops
bursa t tram stops

Bursa Garage Terminal T2 tram line goes to tender: After the start of the Sculpture-Garage (T1) tram line construction that will integrate Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with Bursaray for everyone, the Garage Terminal T2 line is now going to tender. DLH has already approved the T2 line, which is the second stage of the work to solve the urban traffic problem of Bursa.

Bursa city tram line is being extended to the terminal. Because it will take some time during the rail passages of the three separate bridges on the terminal line.

The Garage Terminal T2 tramway project, which will be extended from the City Square to the terminal, is planned for the coming days and the Garage Terminal T2 tramway line is expected to be opened next year.

Garage Terminal T2 tram line will begin to work with the start of the bus service will leave the tram. The inner city T2 tram line has reached its final stage.

Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy, T1 line known as the urban tram project will be extended to the terminal and the end of the T1 ring line in April, the second stage of the T2 Garage Terminal line construction will be started.

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