Ticket system of Bursa public bus separators disagreed

Ticket system of Bursa public bus separators disagreed
Bursa public has been following the discussions between the Metropolitan Municipality and the Private Chamber of Public Buses.
Metropolitan administration, the citizen of the public bus to many complaints, the public bus operator said that they are victims of Metropolitan applications.
Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe with a striking offer "Bus for a month 5 thousand thousand liras in exchange for us," he made the call and the bus driver also assured the job.
The Chamber of Public Buses also announced that they would return to the ticketing system after they went out of the pay system applied by Burulaş.
According to those who came to our ears, this explanation led to differences of opinion among the public bus drivers.
A group of public bus tradesmen who did not support Oda's decision decided to continue with the Burulaş system, arguing that the developments stemmed from içi administrative conflicts Oda.
The group that decided not to pass the ticket system at the moment is not much, but this issue is discussed in a wider section of information we hear.

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