Balçova Cable Car Facilities to be Renewed

Balçova Cable Car Facilities to be Renewed

Balçova ropeway facilities are being plundered, metropolitan authorities announced that renewal will begin after the end of the tender.

After the 5 annual process which turned the cable car facilities in Balçova into a snake story, yesterday's headline was revealed by Yeni Asır showing that the social facilities in Dede Mountain were being plundered by the thieves. Authorities in the Metropolitan Municipality, who rented the region from the Forestry Directorate, stated that the tender for the construction of the ropeway which provides access to these facilities was to be finalized and that after the completion of this tender, work will be initiated for the renewal of the social facilities.

Meet in Ankara
The eyes of the Metropolitan Municipality are now turned to the letter to be sent from the Public Procurement Authority for the cable car that will provide access to the social facilities in Dede Mountain. Izmir 14th Administrative Court of STM firm kazanAfter the decision of the Public Procurement Authority, which canceled the tender, the difficult tender process, which lasted for 5 years, was completed. Following the notification of the court decision to the KİK, the letter from the Public Procurement Authority to implement the court decision began to wait in order to sign a contract with the Metropolitan Municipality STM Firm.

1 annually
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocoglu also met with the authorities of Public Procurement Authority during his visit to Ankara in the previous weeks and he wanted to send a letter regarding the implementation of the court decision as soon as possible to sign a contract with STM.
The municipal authorities stated that they would invite STM to sign an agreement immediately upon receipt of the letter. After signing the contract with the company, 5 said that the place will be delivered within the day so that the 365 days for the renewal of the facilities will be started so that the 1 annual period will start so as well. facilities such as cafes, buffets, coffee houses and restaurants will be renovated. When the cable car line is completed, the above mentioned social facilities will be renovated. T

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