Atatürk Wagon and Railways (Video)

Atatürk Wagon and Railways: Atatürk used to take train to everywhere except the port cities that he reached by sea. When the shuttle wagon number 2, which he used during his long trips by rail, became insufficient in time, a train that would go down in history as the “Atatürk's White Train” was ordered to the LHV Linke Hofman-Werke factory in Germany (Breslau) in 1935. Because the upper part of the train is dark blue up to the bottom of the windows, it was said "White Train" among the people.
White Rail, two wagons with one bed and two other wagons for Ataturk, one saloon wagon for the General Secretariat and the Auditors, two wagons for the government leaders who were invited to participate in the journey, two wagons for a wagon, two second-class wagons for the staff and a foyer It consisted of. The first five wagons were 21 m, the others were 19 m four-axle wagons. Each wagon was fitted with the Görlitz system heavy bogies, equipped with Urdinger type bumpers, hand and air brakes.
The ventilation of the wagon was carried out with the Wendler air suction device. While the wagon was connected to the train installation, it was also equipped to be heated with a hot water boiler. Electrical equipment was provided by two accumulators and dynamos. In front of the windows, there were elegant wooden blinds that had mosquito nets covered with a gas that prevented the insects from coming back.
The White Train will be taken from Ankara to Ankara, and from Haydarpaşa, to the first operating staff, to the country where they go, and return will be made by the same staff. Only machines for coal stock and maintenance would change at warehouse centers.



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