Atatürk's Wagon and White Train

Ataturkun wagon and white train
Ataturkun wagon and white train

Atatürk's Wagon and White Train: Atatürk's Wagon Used on Trips, (Atatürk's Wagon White Train) - The only unique example of the White Train used by Atatürk during his country trips (1935-1938); Ankara Garda is exhibited next to “Atatürk House and Railways Museum in the War of Independence” since 1964. It was registered by the Ministry of Culture General Directorate of Monuments and Museums in 1991 as the “cultural asset to be protected by Atatürk”.

This wagon, which Atatürk used during all his country trips between 1935-1938, was again the X host inde of his last voyage.

19 November 1938 was taken from the Dolmabahçe Palace of Ata's body on Saturday and placed in Yavuz Battleship in Sarayburnu. The central table in this wagon of the bu White Train konul waiting in Izmit was held with a ceremony. The clock was 20.23. Six torches were burned in the vicinity of the body, and they began their guarding session in the six officers with their swords. When the band moved to the march of the mines, the clock moved to Ankara between the tears of those gathered at the train station at 20.32.

The train arrived in Ankara on 20 November 1938 Sunday at 10.04. İnönü station, deputies, soldiers, police, officers, students and people were waiting in the station. Ata's coffin was taken from the window of the wagon at 10.26 and placed in the cannon car waiting in front of the famous una Steering Wheel una, which was directed by the War of Independence, and said Ata White Train alınarak to his nation.

The White Train Hosts the Memoirs of Atatürk
The White Train Hosts the Memoirs of Atatürk

Technical specifications of the wagon

Weight: 46.3 tone
Length: 14.8 m.
Manufacturer: LHV Linke Hofmann-Werke, Breslau, 1935

2.Medical toilet
3.Goods / Saloon compartment
4.Main compartment
Bedroom of 6.Atatürk
the xnumx.salo
8.Dinning consists of sections.

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