Open the door to ANTRAY station for easy access to the bus terminal

Open the door to ANTRAY station for easy access to the bus terminal
Kepez City Council President Bakr and Secretary General Serdar Bulent Ozsoy Ulucak, Turkey Bus Federation (TOFED) 8. Cemal Yağcı, President of the Regional and Intercity Bus Enterprises Training and Assistance Association, visited the bus terminal. Yağcı visit, expressing the problems of the bus terminal traders, the passengers had a big problem in moving to the bus terminal, he noted.
Why is the bus stop outside?
Noting that the construction of the ANTRAY station outside of the bus station is missing the project, Yağcı said, getir Citizens are affected by the sun in a place like Antalya and by rain in winter. Recently, the tram line, the ANTRAY stop at a very far distance from the bus station, pedestrians road safety, dangerous to life safety. It is not at the time of our passengers to reach the bus station comfortably. For this reason the bus station project was incomplete, there were underpasses with underpasses missing. There were clover intersections for buses. When these were not done, we continued with a missing project. Therefore, the tradesmen became victims, the passengers became victims Dolayısıyla.
Solution for opening new doors
Kepez City Council President Bekir Bülent Özsoy stated that the visit of the Kepez City Rail Station station outside the bus station caused the reaction of the citizen. Citizens after the light rail system to come down into the bus station after having difficulty with the Özsoy, indicating that the problem can be solved by opening a new door in Antalya Bus Terminal. Özsoy, Antalya Bus Terminal also noted that parking problems.

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