Ankara Teleferik tender was installed in the system

Ankara Teleferik tender was installed in the system
The tender of the cable car project, which the Metropolitan Municipality wanted to implement in the capital, was canceled.
Gökçek noted that they went to the cancellation route due to the mistakes in the tender system.
Metropolitan Mayor Melih, "Tomorrow's Leaders Project" met with Turkey's 7 250 about students from different universities. Turkey under the leadership of the Student Council, Youth and Sports Ministry and the Higher Education Council (YOK) to the MAG meeting organized in cooperation with students, "managed to understand what" and the "relationship between the media and leaders" gave a lesson. Gokcek also suggested to young people that they should follow the technology closely. My grandson my 4 year old technicians do not have the technological skills, '' he said. After the presentation, Mayor Gökçek answered the questions of the students. Başkan Do you think of the fifth term mayor in Ankara lı, Gökçek told a student who asked:
“I'm happy with my place. Allah allows one more period, the Prime Minister sees fit, I vote if my people vote to see. I need another time, because I have big projects. These are the Theme Park, boulevards, fairgrounds, faith and historical museums. I want to finish this and go. I'm gonna do the nasipte. This is something we want to do, but it will be. Te
President Gökçek, the agenda of the agenda of the capital of the "cable car project" from time to time, the tender was canceled due to errors in the system Gökçek, said:
“I was going to build a ropeway. We were going to start from Şentepe. The 4 stop would be a short distance. A mile from the 3,5. We got that system auctioned. We wanted price determination before the men. The men gave us a price that this system would go to 20 million euros. They even said that they had a bargain in it. Around 30, we also thought about a bargain. As far as we understand, the two companies agreed. Someone gave 38, someone gave 42 million euros. In this case, we had to cancel the cable car tender. He's upset. You want to do it, you can't. Unfortunately, two days ago, this incident has really bothered me. These kinds of events happen to us often. I think therefore create problems in Turkey it must be addressed in advance of the auction.

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